So M.I.A. was all in a huff when sites reported that her son was named Ickitt, but it turns out that he’s actually named Ikhyd. Ikhyd Edgar Arular, to be exact. Which is obviously, clearly, very different from Ickitt. Ahem.

In other news:

  • Emmy Jo did a great post on Names That Sound Like No Other;
  • In the new television drama Kings, the monarch is called Silas. The name has already been on the rise. Could he be the next Elijah?;
  • I was scanning through the Newsweek photo slideshow on multiple madness about famous sib sets born before the Gosselins. Check out the first photo – the sextuplets are called Jimme, Martina, Mary, Bernard, Cybil and Rita. My favorite grouping from the slideshow? Identical triplets – Dorothy, Iris and Myra – from the 1930s.
  • Fine, yes, I’m still on multiples. TLC ran a special on the Ferrill Quintuplets – boys Landyn Konner, Layne Mykel and Drayden Karter and girls, Irelyn Kadyn and Kieran Skye. Quite the set!
  • Nancy’s Baby Names has a link to the Name of the Year contest over at a blog about bizarre, but real, baby names. It’s an interesting read.
  • Lastly, I spotted (adults) called Hansel at the baby store; Elroy at my garage and Philomene at my local Dunkin’ Donuts.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Allison, I agree. In some corner of my mind, I can understand a parent thinking, “I want to name my daughter Landon, but let’s make sure everyone knows she’s a girl. So we’ll spell it Landyn.” As Lola would say, it isn’t my cup of tuna, but I *get* the thought process. I’d be extremely reluctant to name my son Kennedi or Baylee or Jaidyn – they all look feminine to me.

    Then again, Alexei’s name skews feminine, and Aly sounds downright girly. Maybe I don’t mind because my son is tall and athletic (for a 4 y.o.). But then I always tell myself that he’s Alexander on his b.c. and I’d never argue if he told me to stop calling him Aly. Though I might slip now and again …

    Photoquilty, I haven’t watched Kings – that’s interesting. I’m not sure if it is interesting enough for me to watch, though – I keep vowing to go on a television diet, but I’m a shameless addict. If I add one more “must see” show, my eyes might glaze over.

    Emmy Jo, that’s a nice point about the nature names. I wonder if they gave it any thought and just couldn’t come up with a C choice that they liked? Or if Carlissa honors someone? Hmmm …

    As for Elroy, he was quite charming. And a Junior. And Hansel was Latino, so maybe there’s something I don’t know. A boxer called Hansel, maybe? I should Google.

  2. By the way, Kings is an allegory – based on the bible story of David/Goliath/Jonathan, etc. (I’m not familiar with the bible, so not sure of the actual storyline.) Anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty of biblical names on that show. Silas will not be the only one.

  3. How did Coco Crisp not make it to name of the year? I thought it was his real name (which was bad enough) but it’s a nickname. His real name is Covelli Loyce Crisp, which is also awfully odd. He’s a Major League Baseball center fielder for the Kansas City Royals.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Abby!

    It’s ridiculous when parents give their children odd names and then get mad at the rest of us when we don’t get them right on the first try. Ickitt? Ikhyd? Close enough.

    I’ve been looking through the slide show — Iris, Myra, and Dorothy are beautiful names. I’ve looked up some of the other multiples. The Dilley sextuplet boys are Ian Michael, Adrian Reed, Julian Emerson, and Quinn Everett; the girls are Brenna Rose and Claire Diane. Overall, I like them. They feel like modern classics — they’re fashionable but not too trendy.

    The Jepp quintuplets’ names (mentioned on the slide show) are interesting. Aside from the A, B, C, D pattern (girls are named Autumn, Brooke, Carlissa, and Dahlia), three of the names are nature-inspired. I want Carlissa to be named something like Coral or Cassia so she “fits” with the other three.

  5. I’ll second that joke thought! Ikhyd? And how exactly is that better than Ickitt? Yuck!

    Elroy! Awesome! I was just watching a Jetson’s movie with Josie yesterday and commented randomly that if Jane, Judy & George could make comebacks, Where were Elroy & Cosmo? I got laughed at for that one. But a real, grown up Elroy? That is so completley awesome! Hansel’s gotta be tough to live with but Philomene is beautiful.

    I’m intrigued by the concept of ‘Kings’. Probably won’t watch it (we don’t watch regular tv at all anymore except the occasional SNL). But Silas is an interesting choice indeed. I hope the character isn’t a nasty one, that’d quash Silas’ rise. I like it. Sweet, simple, easy to spell & say with a jazzy feel. Makes Silas a winner for me. Not that I’m allowed to use him, it’s the name of my sister’s cat!

    I’m looking at that multiples slideshow after this, looks like fun! Thanks for the great sum-up. Now I have something to do today! 😀

  6. I’m hoping M.I.A.’s baby name is a joke. Seriously, I kid? That’s all I see of that first name.