Erykah Badu didn’t really name her baby Twitty Milk. But how crazy are celebrity baby names if we really thought that was possible? And how insane is it that Mars Merkaba actually sounds reasonable by comparison?

In other news this week:

  • Coming soon to a Baby Gap near you, the winners of the latest casting call. Their names are Jaci Rae, Jovana, Caleb and Kellen. Cute kids, and I must admit that I’m fond of the name Jovana.
  • Living in Washington DC, we know a lot of Southerners. Our Louisiana born-neighbor just gave birth to a little girl called Tucker – mom’s maiden name, destined to be given to their firstborn, regardless of gender. I was reminded again that surname names sound most charming when they really are plucked from the family tree.
  • On the other side of the Atlantic, my kids have a new cousin called Bruno! I’m over the moon.
  • Okay, we still don’t know the octuplets’ names. But Paige posted a lovely summary of names of famous multiples to tide us over until the bajillion-dollar book deal and inevitable reality series.
  • Nessa gets a gold star for digging up the link to Lydia May’s site.
  • And let’s not forget Chanara’s blog – found here.
  • If you thought Mallory’s meaning was unpalatable, check out Nancy’s post on Miwok names. The North Californian tribes seem to have had a lot of trouble with bears, and weren’t afraid to name their children accordingly.

Now let’s all go watch the Grammys and see if M.I.A. goes into labor during the show. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Bruno is such a great name!

    Tucker is really cute for a girl, but I like it for more as a nickname. I can’t picture a grown woman named Tucker. I know someone named Tucker (he’s a boy) and his last name his Mee. Tucker Mee. Just replace Tucker with that unfortunate word that rhymes with it and at the last name! I wonder if he gets teased at school… yikes.

    1. No need to apologize, Lydia May! I’ve just had a crazy few weeks and I’m not. keeping. up. Even a little! But I’m adding you to the blogroll. Please pardon my delay!

  2. McCai definitely seems out of place, as all of the other names end with ‘ah’. I wonder what the older six are named ? I do generally like the names of the octuplets; they are better than I anticipated. For some reason, I was expecting they’d be kre8tiv names.
    Oh, I also live in the Washington, DC area, and I only know a handful of Southerners, including myself and my fiance (originally from GA)!

  3. Doesn’t McCai seem strangely out of place among all those biblical boys’ names? I’m guessing that Maliah and Nariah are the girls.

    1. It does – except her older six (!) include a few creative names, including Calyssa. So she’s clearly a mix between Biblical and do-it-yourself names.

  4. Yay, a mention for me! Thanks!
    I can’t stand Tucker, that’s one that I think is horrible. Some I do like (I have a secret LOVE of Cooper, though for a boy…even though I KNOW it rhymes with pooper!). Bruno however is just lovely! The octuplet’s names are nice, at least not something horrible, but very boring to me, I could do a much better job! Thanks again!

  5. Congratulations on Bruno!

    As for Tucker, I rather like it, to be completely honest. I’ve never been enamored by unisex names but Tucker is pretty charming and spunky, in my view. Though not something I’d consider for myself, I like it on either gender; guilty pleasure of sorts 😉 But I suppose Lola has a point- one particular word it rhymes with is quite unfortunate. I live in the Washington D.C. area as well, by the way; it’s funny that you should know a lot of Southerners, as I know about two!

    1. Sharmila, I think that makes three of us in Metro DC – AthGirl is around here, too! It’s a small world …

  6. Of course I fail! The octuplet mom was on the Today show and said the name of each child as she touched them. Didn’t have the foresight to grab a pen, and now I’m not able to remember any but Jeremiah and Makai (muh-kai, can never spell it). Perhaps I’ll check out the Today Show’s website to see if they are up somewhere… (though, I agree with Lola, quickly losing interest in a story that seems sad overall)

  7. oooh! a gold star for me?! how exciting!

    did you watch see M.I.A.’s performance? That sure was some outfit, huh? Yikes.

    Bruno, how cute! I’d be over the moon too, if i were you! Congratulations!

  8. I’ve been thinking the same thought about Badu, it really is insane!

    Tucker, girl or boy is going to have endure quite a bit of teasing when their peers learn what rhymes with it, family surname or not. Tucker is just not very charming. And Tuck is a fat friar to me! 🙂
    And then we flip to the fabulous Bruno! *swoon*! I adore Bruno and would add him to my list again if he didn’t bark every time I mentoned it. *sob* I LOVE Bruno! Lucky kids to have such a great named cousin , the three of them are pretty formidable a group. 😀
    I can’t wait to see what Lydia May posts about next. Judy was a nice deal, for a name I dislike. And those Octuplets? The more I read about the family the more I’m not sure I want to know, you know? 😛