Sunday Summary 2.25.24Let’s talk about Argyle.

We know it as a pattern, preppy and polished.

But it’s also a place name, originally from Scotland but now heard throughout the English-speaking world. It’s a surname, too. Trace them all back to a distinctive tartan worn by Clan Campbell, which is headed by the Duke of Argyll. Pringle of Scotland made it world famous early in the twentieth century.

Now there’s a movie in theaters titled Argylle, though the name turns out to be one of the biggest plot twists.

Way back in 1988, Die Hard gave us an Argyle. (He was the loyal limo driver, who dutifully waited for Bruce Willis’ character as he saved the day.) Then came Stranger Things‘ laid back pizza delivery driver-turned-hero during the fourth season. Still it’s possible – maybe likely – that Argyle is both characters’ last name.

But was it ever a given name? Yup. Between 1912 and 1950, a handful of children received the name nearly every year – mostly boys, but girls, too.

What explains the name’s use? It’s really not clear. The fashion trend is generally tied to the 1920s. One possibility: The Argyle Case. A 1929 movie was based on a 1917 silent film … which, it turned out, was based on a 1912 play by Harriet Ford and Harvey J. O’Higgins.

Could we hear it as a name again in 2024?

Maybe. We sometimes name our children Velvet and Lace. Paisley has leapt from pattern to Top 100 favorite.

And while it would be easy to dismiss a baby name Argyle circa 2024 as an example of wild, twenty-first century naming excesses … well, it really wouldn’t be anything new.

What do you think of the baby name Argyle?


I’m intrigued by this list of Kindercore Names. Are Bambi and Velma, Wallace and Ernie really likely to appeal to the same parents? No, but it hints at where parents from lots of backgrounds are turning for inspiration. And I do think it’s definitely worth watching Wednesday. (The Netflix series, yes, but the name, too!)

Madelaine West Duchovny is the daughter of actors Tea Leonie and David Duchovny, and now she’s credited as West Duchovny as an actress in her own right. It has plenty of potential as a unisex given name, and I really do love it as an unexpected one-syllable middle.

Uruguay’s name data is fascinating. Nancy has a breakdown, including the list – which isn’t separated by gender – and a look at some of the unusual names. Celeste is trending for a reason, and it’s particularly interesting to see the reach of American pop culture with names like Magaiver and Tarantino.

Two gorgeous finds, both from @heartbabynames on Instagram: first, Evrielle. I can’t confirm the meaning, but I think the sound is lovely. And, on this list, one I might even like better: Ellavie. They feel invented and new, but not at all out of place.

And while we’re on Instagram, let’s take about Biblical Boho boy names. I think @pearlandlark nailed it with this list of combinations. I mean … Ari Wilder as a brother for Haven Rae. I’m so here for it.

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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