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American readers, are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Readers worldwide, are you all set for a spate of Plymouth Rock-inspired baby name posts?

I’m a big fan of Verity – I once thought that I’d name twins daughters India and Verity.  But lately I’ve been thinking more and more about modern virtue names.  The unexpected choices that work surprisingly well circa 2012.  After all, Grace and Destiny both rank in the Top 100 today.  Friday’s post will explore that particular category – can’t wait to hear what you’re think of them.

Elsewhere online:

  • J’adore Emmanuelle.  If Vivienne is fashionable, and Emme is a favorite nickname, why not Emmanuelle?
  • Did you see this post at NameCandy on whether Reece is now too girly for a son?  I like her answer.  I tackled something similar at Matilda Magazine earlier this week.
  • Lisa Milbrand celebrates National Adoption Month.  Nicely said!
  • This is how we name babies in Washington DC.  Big on aspirational namesakes, not so much for whimsy.
  • A fun, diverting – and not so difficult – quiz.
  • Hollander, Axton, Lyra … and other thoughts on names from The Durango Herald.  Though, no, we will not be meeting lots of kids named Kiefer and Anjanette.  Unless things are different in Colorado …
  • Brothers called Jace, Nate, and Zane.  I wonder what they’d call a daughter?
  • Maple is really growing on me, and Isadora makes a compelling case for her use.
  • It’s time to nominate a 2012 Name of the Year at Baby Name Wizard.

Lastly, are you on Pinterest?  Appellation Mountain is.  I’m Abby@AppMtn.  It makes for a great place to share all of my finds for great names on personalized Etsy objects and great nursery name art at Project Nursery.

That’s all for right now – as always, thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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  1. I really love Becket Wilberforce – but I did think that the headline of “Most Unusual Baby Name” was one of the most misleading I’ve ever read! I was expecting to see a baby named Wolfenstein Orange Crazyhorse Glass-Nipple or something.

    Someone should tell Jennifer from Durango that her name is safe to use now …

  2. Dang, 8 out of 10 on the quiz. I thought I had it in the bag. <3

    Reece-I never knew it was unisex until I heard of Reese Witherspoon. I know at least 3 male Reece's my age plus a few Rhys. It can definitely be male, or female.

  3. Emmanuelle was Shoshana’s cover name in Inglorious Basterds. I happened to love the name before that but now friends tease me I love it FOR that.

    I debate internally whether the related Immanuela is usable – I adore it, but 5 syllables? I don’t even have a last name like Smith that needs length and dressing up. But I do love a good I name.

  4. I was recently reminded of your blog and have added it to my reader.

    I actually do know someone named Anjanette. She is about 30 and has a twin brother Anthony.
    I follow a family/adoption blog that have a 3 or 4 yo named Keifer.
    A friend named her first baby Emmanuella about 4 mo ago. Both parents are USA born and of no outstanding heritage – though very travelled.
    LAst but certainly not least, I love Verity. Simply adore it. dh says probably not but a girl can dream. My first introduction to how well it might work in real life is an amazing family who blog at

    1. Wow – their story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

      And you know an Anjanette? Knock me over – I thought the columnist pulled that one out of thin air … though while I was looking up Jadore, I checked. Fewer than 5 Anjanettes in 2011 … it must be pretty rare.

      1. I know another Anjanette! I went to grade school with her, so she’s about 38. Out of curiosity I looked and there was an actress named Anjanette Comer. I don’t recognize the names of any of her movies, but she guest starred on a lot of 70’s TV shows. I’m guessing she’s the namesake of both Anjanettes.

        I love Emanuel, but speaking of 70’s movies, any parent considering Emmanuelle should know that it’s also the name of a bunch of French soft-core films.

        Becket Wilberforce is such a neat name. Besides the British statesman, Wilberforce is also Bertie Wooster’s middle name.

        1. That’s right! Another great association for Wilberforce.

          And thank you for solving the mystery of Anjanette. 🙂

  5. Oh. I thought you were saying there was a child whose first name was J’adore… Now I’m wondering whether that could work on a real person.

    I like Hollander but it also feels too close to Hollister, the clothing store.

  6. “Brothers called Jace, Nate, and Zane.  I wonder what they’d call a daughter?”
    Challenge accepted
    Sister- Jade, Sage, Maeve, Paige
    Brother- Wade, Gabe, Dale, Dave