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  1. So I always thought this was an interesting name and would make a nice honor name for any parent honoring a “Sam/Samuel”. I’d like to know if it’s more than just a biblical reference, or if there’s more to it.

  2. I like Samson so much more than Samuel, which I just find so dull and overused. Samson on the other hand is pretty fresh, and I love the meaning.

  3. Samson has a special place in my heart ^^
    My dad grew up in a very small (max 200 people) community and my grandmother still lives there. It’s my FAVOURITE place on the earth, and as an added quirk, there has always been an over representation of Samsons there. at least three at a time, and that’s a LOT since Samson is an overall rare name in Norway (150 total).
    Since I don’t really have any good names I’d like to use again in my family, Samson is the perfect name since it connects me to that fantastic place.

    Samson is just all out wonderful to me, and I plan to use him one way or another. I just hope he doesn’t spike in popularity soon, but I have a feeling that’s getting pretty inevitable with the way things are going, especially with everybody loving names ending in -son…

  4. I’m not a fan. It’s not just the somewhat unfortunate Biblical ties (although Samson had a lot of good things going for him too), it’s also that the sound of the name is simply not pleasing to my ears.

  5. I love the hisotry behind Samson. Its a powerful name in my opinion and is often forgotten (as pointed out) in aid of Samuel. I like also that Samson can be shorted to Sam if you wished. Its on my list and could easily use it!!

  6. Samson is my favorite of the Sam- names and would consider it if I could resist the ubiquitous Sam every Sam- seems to become (including Samantha). See, Sam is the cat. Just Sam and we know a Samantha and a Samuel both already, so Samson remains a love I’ll never get to use.

    1. LOL – I’m fairly certain Samsonite is a reference to the strong man …

      Samuel is the name of Clio’s godfather – one of my dearest friends, and a great guy!