Heidi screams of the Swiss Alps, but how about this unusual related name?

Thanks to Photoquilty for suggesting Elke as Name of the Day.

With apologies to the stylish Miss Klum, there’s little fashionable about Heidi.

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  1. My name is pronounced Elka but it is of course spelled Elke. The most annoying thing in the world is when people (especially teachers) pronounce it wrong. I get there are a lot of different ways to say it but to me I hate it when people say Elkeyyy. I agree Elke Rose! I’m actually from South Africa but now that I’m in America people always get it wrong.

  2. I am also an Australian Elke. When I was a child I gave up on trying to get people to pronounce it the German way, Elkeh, because they always said Elkaaaa. I prefer Elkee – sorry Elke Rose. My maiden name was Fries.

  3. In German, it’s pronounced Elka. But my family is from Austria and their dialect pronounces it Elkay (like the water fountains). And, for the record, when I tell you my name is LK and you ask me to spell it, don’t reply “oh, you mean Elkey?” !!!!!

  4. I am also an Australian Elke, (pronounced Elkah. I actually quite like the German version, Elkeh but i find that it’s almost a challenge or somewhat effort to say compared to elkah or elkee. I get a fair few different nicknames.. the main one also being Elk, which i dont overly like but i can handle it! A few people even call me Elk-ee… regardless that they know it isn’t how you pronounce it. Its quite interesting really, such a short simple name yet you can pronounce it in so many ways… depending on what the person likes/ feels suits you. Its nice 🙂 Go the Elke’s!

  5. My name is Elke, which is supposed to be pronounced Elkeh (the German version), but being Australian, it is generally pronounced Elkah which is fine with me. All my friends call me Elk, which is not a problem since there are no Elks in Australia (the animal) so no-one associates my name with the animal. Like the other Elke who has commented, I didn’t like my name much when I was young because it was so different, but now I am an adult, I love it and a lot of people tell me what a beautiful name it is. It is unique and for people I know, I’m the only Elke they know!

  6. My friends mom is named Elke, and funnily enough, she’s from Costa Rica. (Oh, and she pronounces El-Kee.)