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Kaylee writes:

We have two daughters: Olivia Minette and Aurora Karine.

What I love about their names:

  • They’re long and romantic and sound good with our short last name
  • Both names have fun nicknames (Liv/Livi and Rori)
  • Even though they’re long, no one seems to have trouble spelling/pronouncing them

While I know both names are popular, it really hasn’t been an issue for us.

Our last name sounds like Geese with an M.

Both Olivia and Aurora were on our original list of names. Now we’re expecting a third daughter and I’m not sure if anything from that original list still works, or if we need new ideas.

If we ever have a son, his name will be William Bradley.

Our list:

  • Aria – but no nicknames and I think we’d rather not repeat initials and it’s a lot like Aurora anyway
  • Briella – probably prefer Brielle as a middle
  • Cecilia – love the nickname Ceci
  • Eliana – I think this sounds maybe too much like Olivia? Also, I keep changing my mind about how to spell it
  • Lydia – again, maybe too close to Olivia?
  • Maria – maybe this is too plain compared to Olivia and Aurora?
  • Serena – so pretty, but no nickname
  • Sienna – same issue as Serena
  • Viviana – but I think Viv/Liv is a no

What do you think? Is the right name already on our list? Or is there another name we should think about?

Please read on for my response and share your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your new daughter!

There’s one name that really stands out on your current list: Cecilia.

Here’s why:

  • Olivia, Aurora, and Cecilia are great together.
  • Cecilia has a perfect nickname: Ceci.
  • It’s a sound you really do seem to like: Cecilia, Sienna, Serena; but also Magnolia, Briella.

I feel like I would’ve suggested it if it wasn’t already on your list!

But if not Cecilia, let’s find some new options.



My first thought was Eloise, except I think it’s not great with your surname. But Eliza sounds like a sister for Olivia and Aurora, with nicknames like Ellie, Lizzie, and even Zazie built in.


If you like Briella, but it’s not quite right, would Gabriella appeal? The extra syllable opens up some additional nickname options.


More G names I almost put on this list: Georgia/Georgiana and Guinevere. But Genevieve feels like the most promising of them all, with great nickname potential: Gigi, Gen, and more.


Because Jules is an amazing nickname, and Juliette is a romantic, flowing possibility that’s distinct and different from Olivia and Aurora.


A logical sister name for your girls, with nickname potential like Lulu and Lucy.


Olivia and Aurora are both nature-adjacent names. Magnolia is a straight-up word name, but I like the way they all have a clear image associated with them. Another bonus? Magnolia shortens to Nola or Lola, as well as Maggie.


I’m tempted to suggest Persephone, but when it comes to nicknames, Penelope offers nearly as many as classics like Katherine and Margaret.


If Viviana is a no because of the Viv/Liv conflict, would another V name appeal? Victoria is an obvious choice, and again, offers so many nickname possibilities.

Overall, I’m not sure if I’ve topped Cecilia. Cecilia Brielle, maybe, or Cecilia Vivian or Cecilia Vivienne, called Ceci?

If not Cecilia, I love Olivia Minette, Aurora Karine, and Juliette Cecile: Liv, Rori, and Jules.

Readers, what would you name a sister for Olivia “Liv/Livi” Minette and Aurora “Rori” Karine?

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What do you think?


  1. I love Felicity and think it’d be great with your girls, though a little trickier to nickname. Lydia doesn’t seem too similar by itself, but I think it does if your Olivia is Livi. Maria is so classic and lovely, and there are so many variants of Mary/Maria you could use as a nickname.

  2. Selina – Lena
    Sunniva – Sunny
    Estella – Essie
    Delphina – Della
    Fiammetta – Fia or Etta
    Theoclea – Clea
    Serena – Rena
    Violetta – Etta

  3. Definitely Cecilia Brielle or Lucia Brielle … both have that Italian Romantic sound like Olivia and Aurora!