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The results are in for the first eight match-ups!

A fond farewell to many a popular name, including Remy, Camden, Crew, Orrin, Tate, Nolan, Emrys, and Phoenix.

I’m already start to speculate on this year’s big winner, the one that will claim the crown bestowed upon Nathaniel in 2011. I’m not ready to share my guesses just yet, but how ’bout you?

Arthur versus Rafferty

Desmond versus Luca

Rhys versus Ezra

Declan versus Arlo

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What do you think?


  1. With the exception of Arthur vs. Rafferty, I’m struck at how close these pairs are. I really hope Luca gets through, though.

  2. If the results in this round so far are any indication, Arthur is my pick to win it all. Arthur is beating Rafferty in a landslide while the other matchups are very close.

  3. Oh no, Rhys versus Ezra? Two of my favorite name choices for boy #2. I couldn’t bare to vote in that one, it’s too hard.

  4. Ah, almost all of my favorites gone. I second Amy3’s comment about Desmond v Luca and Declan v Arlo hard…Those were so tough! I also think Arthur will win, which kind of disappoints me because I like unusual names better!

  5. I would love it if Arthur won. Some of these matchups were particularly difficult – Desmond v Luca and Declan v Arlo, especially.

  6. I could see Arthur winning this year. There seems to be a lot of interest in this name recently – I think parents who want an underused classic are seeing it as a viable alternative to the more popular Henry or, well, Nathaniel. 😉