March Madness 2019: Boys Quarter FInalsThe votes are tallied, and we now know which boy names have triumphed in the opening round of March Madness Baby Names 2019!

Before we move on to voting in the Quarter Finals, let’s review the results of the Opening Round:

  • Torin defeated Loxley with an impressive 81% of the vote. Loxley remains one of the most viewed Pinterest baby names, but when it comes right down to it? The Robin Hood-inspired surname just couldn’t power past the handsome Irish appellation.
  • Arrow found its mark, sweeping past Smith with nearly 58% of the vote. Also, Arrow v. Smith should win some sort of award for wackiest match-up ever. (Aerosmith. Get it? Groan. Not planned, I promise!)
  • Here’s an upset! Soren just edged past Wilder with a little over 52% of the opening round vote. I’d pegged Wilder to possibly win it all!  (It won the New Names Showdown a few years ago.)

  • No surprise here, though. Mini name Koa surged past curiosity Endeavour with a solid 76% of the vote. Endeavour attracts lots of attention, thanks to the British detective by the name, currently portrayed by Shaun White in an ITV series.
  • If Loxley lost, Huxley carried the day, winning against Cove with almost 54% of the total.
  • Arlo brought in nearly 62% of the votes against Gray.
  • In the big word name match-up, Fox bested Credence with a commanding 80% of the vote.
  • With more than 62% of the tally, tough guy surname Deckard managed to muscle out racing legend Ayrton.

The Quarter Finals

Some of these match-ups feel like impossible choices! Voting remains open through Thursday, March 14th.

The new contests are waiting for your votes!

Tailored and Tough: Torin v. Deckard

Irish appellation Torin takes on Fast and the Furious franchise name Deckard.


The Great Word Name Battle: Arrow v. Fox

Two rising word names face off: pointed Arrow against wily Fox.


The Ors and the Ars: Soren v. Arlo

The sounds are surprisingly similar, though the styles seem distinct: Soren faces Arlo.


Modern Match-up: Koa v. Huxley

Two modern-with-roots names feature in our final contest: Hawaiian Koa or surname Huxley?


Thank you for voting in this round of March Madness baby names! It just gets harder, doesn’t it? Check back on Saturday, March 16th to see which names advance to the SemiFinals … and, of course, to vote once more!

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  1. I would’ve pegged Soren and Wilder as the top two, so going head-to-head in the first round may have knocked Wilder out prematurely.