March Madness 2019 Girls Quarter FinalsYou’ve spoken, and we now know which names advance to the Girls’ Quarter Finals in March Madness Baby Names 2019!

Let’s look back at the Opening Round:

  • Sweetly vintage Faye trounced Phryne, with over 80% of the vote! That’s not a surprise. Phryne draws lots of people to the site, because it’s such a curiosity. It’s the given name of the fearless, witty, and terribly stylish lady detective of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Phryne Fisher is played to perfection by Essie Davis for Australian television, but it’s not quite the kind of name likely to catch on for real girls, no matter how much we love other Greek girl names ending with e. Faye, on the other hand, feels brief and brisk, a vintage name with modern sensibilities.
  • Here’s a surprise: Cornish nature name Elowen brushed past rising favorite Maisie, with just over 51% of the total. Lovely, flowing Elowen is a fast favorite on name forums, but has yet to make a mark in the US Top 1000. (Though it has risen in use sharply over the last few years and it advanced in the opening round of last year’s March Madness, too. So maybe Elowen is one to watch?)

  • Lumi scooped up more than 52% of the vote. That means Lumi advances, and Maple will have to wait for another year.
  • Marigold swept past Noa, with a solid 75% of the vote. We do adore a good flower name for a girl these days. Could Marigold join Violet and Lily in the US Top 100?
  • The biggest winner of this round is Esme. The name garnered just shy of 83% of the vote versus Oakley. Oakley has been leaping up the popularity charts, but I’m guessing it’s not quite the favored style for most Appellation Mountain readers.
  • Margot took more than 75% of the vote to advance against underdog Zosia. I think Zosia Mamet sends many parents looking for more information, but no question that Margot is a fast-climbing favorite.
  • Sleek and modern Marlowe took home nearly 73% of the vote, leaving cinematic invention Evolet behind.
  • Vintage botanical Flora managed to hold off surname Sloane with a solid 66% of the vote.

The Quarter Finals

I think this next round always feels especially difficult! Voting will be open until Thursday, March 14th.

The new contests are ready and waiting …

Vintage, Feminine Face-Off: Faye v. Flora

They sound like sisters, or maybe two names that parents just can’t choose between! This is a tough match-up: Faye of the fairies, or Flora of the gardens?


Modern Innovations Battle: Elowen v. Marlowe

Neither of these names were heard even twenty years ago, but both are attracting more + more attention in recent years. Import Elowen takes on sleek Marlowe.


Vowel-Intensive Match-Up: Lumi v. Margot

Finnish import Lumi shares vowel sounds with lots of chart-toppers. But can it take on the bright o-ending, but still traditional(ish) Margot?


Romantic Rising Name Contest: Marigold v. Esme

I find both of these names downright enchanting! Flower-ful Margiold takes on beloved Esme. They’re both just different enough to catch your attention.


Thank you for voting in this round of March Madness baby names! It just gets harder, doesn’t it? Check back on Saturday, March 16th to see which names advance to the SemiFinals … and, of course, to vote once more!

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  1. I love Flora, and my husband’s great grandmother was named Florence. Unfortunately our last name has the “or” sound, so it sounds a little too rhymy for us to use. Still, if we ever have a thord daughter, maybe for a middle name!

  2. I feel like Esme and Marigold have faced each other before . . . maybe just in my imagination. LOL

  3. Glad to see my favorite four all advanced: Flora, Elowen, Margot, & Marigold. All of them are so charming! It’s going to get harder to vote from here on out. . . 🙂