March Madness baby names 2018: Girls Quarter FinalsMarch Madness baby names 2018 continues with the girls’ quarter finals!

The opening round brought a few surprises. And, of course, a couple of perpetual disappointments. Why is Elodie always a bridesmaid, but never a bride? The name makes it to March Madness nearly every year, but has yet to win.

I think I might be able to guess the winner from this week’s result – but, to be honest, every year surprises me.

Time to review the results from the opening round!

March Madness 2018: Opening Round Results

  • Anouk, an intriguing form of Anne, swept past Beyonce baby name Rumi, 52% to 48%.
  • Sabine handily defeated Phryne, 85% to 15%.
  • Botanical Marigold scored 52% of the vote, leaving Elodie with just 48% – and perpetual runner-up status.
  • In the battle of the night sky and the silver screen, Leia garnered 58% to Vesper’s 42%.
  • Eliza won the zippy-z showdown with 69% of the tally, against Zosia’s 31%.
  • Literary Esme’s 59% put this rising favorite into the next round, instead of tailored Sloane, with just 41%.
  • Sweetly, vintage Maisie earned a solid 59% to leave behind the similar Faye, at a mere 41%.
  • In the second-biggest triumph of the week, Elowen bested Noa, 72% to 28%.

Let’s see which names continue to advance towards the trophy. Ready, set, vote!

March Madness 2018 Girls Quarter Finals: Anouk v. Elowen

Two rarities face off in this round: French-Dutch Anouk against Cornish Elowen.

March Madness 2018 Girls Quarter Finals: Sabine v. Maisie

Elegant Sabine faces sweetly vintage Maisie.

March Madness 2018 Girls Quarter Finals: Marigold v. Esme

Botanical Marigold or literary Esme? I predict this might be the toughest match of 2018!

March Madness 2018 Girls Quarter Finals: Leia v. Eliza

Is your style more Star Wars or My Fair Lady?

Voting will remain open through Thursday, March 15th. The winners of each match-up advance to the March Madness 2018 baby names SemiFinals on Saturday, March 17th. We’ll keep voting until we announce our winners at the very end of the month!

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