March Madness Baby Names 2016: Boys Semi FinalsThe March Madness Baby Names girls quarter finals were chock full of surprises this year, but I found the boys’ round a little more predictable. The name I’m betting on to win is still in the hunt, and so is my second guess. (Though they’re facing off in this round – yikes!)

Here are the results from the March Madness Baby Names: Boys Quarter Finals:

  • Once again, regal Leo crushed the competition. Leo claimed 75% of the vote, easily surpassing the capable, up-and-coming Atlas.
  • The S surname showdown was much closer. Sullivan edged past Shepherd with 55% of the vote.
  • Beckett took 54% of the vote in the content with Soren, making it the narrowest victory of this round.
  • The biggest triumph belongs to TheodoreThe classic comeback name garnered an astonishing 81% of the vote against wild Wolf.

I think this week’s competition will be even tougher than last, with some crowd favorites facing off in both of the semi final matches.

Time to vote in the March Madness Boys Semi Finals!

The battle of the -eo names: Leo v. Theodore

The final surname showdown: Sullivan v. Beckett 


Tough contests, right? Voting will remain open through the morning of Friday, March 25. Please come back on Saturday, March 26 to see which names triumphed – and, of course, to vote in the March Madness Baby Names final! 

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  1. No more Shepherd. 🙁 It’s one of those names that I don’t think I would use myself, but I love hearing it.

    I like both Leo and Theodore; I predict it will be a close match. I ended up voting for Leo, and I’m rooting for Sullivan over Beckett.