MarchMadness2014Can you believe it?  March has flown by with a whoosh!  Time to vote in the final – yes, the very last round – of March Madness Baby Names 2014.

The winner of this match will take away the title for 2014, and join an elite group of favorite names for boys:

  • In 2011, Nathaniel won the very first match-up.
  • Arthur was victorious in 2012.
  • 2013 saw Archer at the top of the heap.

Time to reveal who won the semi-final round … and to vote for your favorite names for boys, one last time!

The 2014 contenders are a surprising pair.  If you’d asked me at the beginning of March, I would have never guessed that the final would come down to these two.

But it is a fitting match-up, with two names that have both attracted positive attention in recent years.

Underdog Everett just pulled past favored Finn in the semi-final round, 53% to 47%.  Still that’s not the closest margin of the series.  Heck, that’s not the closest match of this round!

That honor goes to the Soren versus Atticus match-up.  In the end, Soren scored exactly one more vote than Atticus to advance.  Atticus has been quite the up-and-comer, leaping from unranked in 2003 to #410 in 2012.

And so I present our final match: the Scandinavian, philosophical Soren faces the stylish surname name Everett.

Voting will remain open through Friday, March 28th, and the winner will be announced on Saturday, March 29th.



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  1. Everett is a not so nice town in our area well known for drugs and *ahem* adult entertainment.

    I can’t picture it on an adorable little boy at all.

  2. I didn’t think either would make it to the finals and now that they have I have to pick and can’t decide. It seems I like them about equally. Sound-wise Everett is more appealing but Soren was the name of one of my immigrant ancestors. It’s also more unique, I think. Both are ‘intelligent’ sounding names, I think, and not in an arrogant or pompous way.

    reviewing their qualities is not helping me decide…

  3. I also am shocked Soren is here… just makes me think Sauren from Lord of the Rings.. Or Sorrell boots.

  4. My son has an Everett in his Kindergarten class, except there is a “y” in there, instead of that last “e”.