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  1. I was born a Pamela in 1970. I never horribly minded my name growing up because at least I wasn’t one of a dozen Jennifers. I was tired of my troublesome maiden name more, so I married an Anderson boy in 1989. Well, that name combo soon brought me trouble with a Double D and then some.

    I found this blog because it occurred to me to shorten my name to Ela. I think I might.

  2. It’s so interesting reading all of these comments. I laughed so hard that I snorted when I read about the “Pam-bomb!” This is exactly how I feel! It has also felt very rude to me when strangers take it upon themselves to just go right ahead and shorten “Pamela” to Pam. I don’t like it one bit. “Pam” sounds like a harsh sound to me… not even really a name. I hate the sound. It’s just harsh and pierces my ears. I have tried to embrace “Pam” because people will forever be shortening it to that… which irritates me. Is Pamela really so hard to say? Are the extra two syllables too much work for them?

    I’m sort of thinking about starting to go by “Ela” from now on… just not sure if I have the boldness to do so. I’m now in my late 20’s. I wonder if it’s too late for me to make that change.

    I tend to cringe when I have to introduce myself, as another poster stated above. Sometimes I just don’ feel comfortable with the name Pamela. It’s almost as though I feel it sounds oversexualized or something (thanks to Pamela Anderson). I feel too froo-froo or something introducing myself as Pamela at times (if that makes sense). I sometimes wish I had a name like Elise or Lauren… something that just rolls off the tongue — and a name where people won’t be constantly choosing themselves to shorten it without my consent! (lol… kind of).

    Like others stated, I do like the meaning of the name. I feel it suits me in that sense. I also love Winnie the Pooh – so the honey reference makes me feel kind of happy with it.

    However, I have just never grown into this name. My biological mother is the one who gave me this name. I am adopted and she didn’t raise me. I haven’t seen or spoken to her in over 25 years and I’m still in my 20’s. So in many ways, this name just doesn’t feel like it’s right for me… someone named me who I don’t know and who didn’t raise me.