An Inca period tunic
Inca period tunic; Image via Wikipedia

He’s a legendary poet, a ruler, a revolutionary.

Thanks to Frank for suggesting one of the names that inspired his new son’s names.

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  1. I don’t think 2Pac’s full name is common knowledge. At least, it isn’t to me. Cool history, though.

    1. I agree about 2Pac’s full name not being common knowledge, and it’s likely to be on course to becoming less and less well known as the years go by. That said, I’m more of a rock ‘n’ roll girl than rap. This is the first time I’ve come across the name Amaru, and he’s a name with an upbeat sound as you say Abby.

  2. It’s quite a nice name, but I keep saying Amari whenever I see it. Funny how Amari became a lot more popular than Amaru.

  3. Thank you for profiling this name for me! My wife gave birth to our son on September 20, 2011 and while this was our planned name, we went with something different to honor her family. Her last name is Paz, so as a derivative, we named him Pax (latin for peace).

    Amaru still holds a special place in our hearts due to my wife’s Peruvian culture and the fact that we were planning on using this name almost from day #1.