25 Fast-Rising Surname Names for Boys

25 Surname Names for Boys

There have always been children with last names as first names. Some parents handed down gems from their family tree, especially the mother’s maiden name. It was a means to connect to their roots and to reinforce relationships. While that hasn’t changed, there are a growing number of children with surname names that aren’t directly borrowed […]


Leah: Baby Name of the Day


This post was originally published on August 17, 2009. It was substantially revised and re-posted on August 24, 2015. Looking for a nickname-proof name with history for a daughter? Here’s one that fits the bill. Thanks to Photoquilty for suggesting Leah as our Baby Name of the Day.


Sunday Summary: Welcome, Owliver!


My son has acquired yet another stuffed animal. It’s an owl, named Owliver. In the three days since Owliver has joined our household, I have been told that I’m saying his name wrong something like 2,023 times. It’s surprisingly difficult. I’m willing to do it because, well, even though it’s a stuffed owl that my son bought […]


Name Help: Too Late to Change Styles?

Name Help: Change Styles?

Ashlee writes: My husband and I are expecting our fourth child and second girl this October. We’ve always wanted a big family, and think we might even have one more baby after this one. Or even maybe two?! Our children’s names are Elizabeth Anne, Daniel Edward, and James Henry. Not family names or anything. We […]


Margot, Maisie, and Greta: The Many Faces of Margaret

The Many Faces of Margaret

Margaret has been worn by princesses and politicians, actresses and authors. Thanks to the story of Saint Margaret of Antioch, it’s been a powerfully popular name for centuries. Classic names like Margaret tend to splinter, with new forms emerging over time and language. Some of the resulting names can be obscure, barely linked to the original, like some […]