Rhodes: Baby Name of the Day


Place names are huge, the ancient world is a rich source of inspiration, and ends-in-s names for boys have been on the uptick, too. Today’s celebrity baby name picks up both all three trends. With a hearty congratulations to Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry, our Baby Name of the Day is Rhodes.


Sunday Summary: Last of March 2015

Sunday Summary

A few days ago, I started a group board called Our Favorite Names on Pinterest, and was so delighted that some of you joined me! You don’t need to be a baby name blogger (though I’m so pleased that Sophie and Kara are there) – all you need is a Pinterest account. It’s so fun […]


Name Help: Rocker Names for a First Baby

Rocker Baby Names

Name Help is a series at Appellation Mountain. Every Saturday, one reader’s name questions will be discussed. (What’s that? It’s Sunday, you say! Well yes. Yes, it is. During March Madness the consults are bumped a day.) We’re relying on thoughtful comments from the community to help expectant parents narrow down their name decisions. Thank […]


March Madness 2015: Girls FINAL!

March Madness 2015

The boys’ final round of #marchmadnessbabynames opened earlier today, and now it’s the girls’ turn! The semi-finals played out similarly for the boys’ and girls’ contests. In both cases, the winners were clear, some of the names have been here before, and while it wasn’t surprising to see the outcome, I really felt like it […]


March Madness 2015: Boys FINAL!

Finn v. Everett

I cannot believe it, readers! March has gone by like a flash, and it’s already time to vote in the final round of #marchmadnessbabynames! The last two match-ups weren’t nearly as close as I’d expected: Finn sailed past Beckett, 57.91% to 42.09%. Finn has made it to March Madness before, but I don’t think he’s […]