Sunday Summary 12.11.16First, a big thank you for all of the lovely comments regarding the posting schedule here at Appellation Mountain. I’ll be sharing a new calendar shortly. On the downside, it means fewer posts a week. But the upside is that I’ll be able to deal with a long list of technical issues and hopefully take on some new projects that have been on my list forever.

Next, I think I’ve found a phrase to describe spellings that cross a line. I’ve used “creative” or even “keratif,” but I think that’s a bit judge-y and dismissive. Why is Isobel okay, but Aydin problematic? I understand that choosing dominant spellings can make life easier – sometimes. But there’s nothing really wrong with Isobel or Aydin, as long as you’re prepared to spell your child’s name. A lot. And sometimes, that’s completely worth it.

But there is a category of name spellings that I find challenging. Let’s call them novelty spellings.

I recently came across a Kneena. And we’ve all seen the clips of the woman called Airwrecka, and the more recent tales of Kviiilyn.


Novelty spellings work, in the sense that I know how to pronounce Kneena. But they’re a real stretch.

More on this topic later, but for now, I’m curious: have you spotted anything else that strikes you as a novelty spelling?

Elsewhere online:

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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