Sunday Summary 3.3.24 I’ve been waiting to write this post for weeks – really, much longer than that.

The all-new Appellation Mountain site re-design is coming by the end of this week!

While it’s built to ultimately serve you better, I can almost guarantee that the first week or two will be glitchy and frustrating. (The comments temporarily disappearing last month were part of some back-end work that broke a few things.)

That means there won’t be much new content here for a few days, but – fingers crossed – it will all be fresh and exciting and fun … soon!

Thanking you in advance for your patience.

For now, a few things that caught my eye …


Netflix’s “You” has been SUCH an influential series in terms of names! There’s Love, but also Guinevere, Peach, and … whoa! Anavrin. Nancy has the story here.

I love Eventide Pennant Company, and now they’ve added a simulator. It doesn’t show the name on the finished product, but it will help preview different color combinations. I’m tempted to order one for my daughter once we finish switching around her room. Because even though I usually see them in nurseries, I think they’d be amazing for anyone, regardless of age, right?

A wayback from 2007 raises a question. Does a name’s prestige automatically drop as it becomes more popular? My sense is that this happens sometimes, but only for certain types of names. Classics are immune from this phenomenon. But names as different as Esme, Wren, and Poppy for girls and Tadeo, Rhodes, and Tate for boys have risen in similar numbers going into 2022. And I don’t think any of them fit that pattern. Maybe the rise has to take the name into the Top 100? Because Walker or Ayla, maybe I can see that …

Interesting to read Kelly Osbourne’s account of choosing her son’s last name. And why they’re changing it now. When it comes to choosing names, we really do have lots of options – for firsts, middles, and last names, too!

Clare compiled a great list of name resources. See the full list here! (And thanks for including me!)

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading. And watch this space!

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