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  1. I’m curious about Neesyn Dacey too. I’ve never seen Neesyn before. Thankfully, she goes by her middle name.

    Ah, we are a lot alike. I could never wait months to name my baby and I drive my friends (who keep their babies’ names secret) crazy. I want to know and I promise I won’t tell anyone else. 🙂 Which I tell them everytime I talk to them. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn’t and then the suspense kills me.

    Have a good week!


  2. Now I’m excited to hear about your friend’s new baby too!

    Over the summer I had three friends who didn’t find out the baby’s gender and waited on sharing names too. I awaited anxiously for name news each time. (The three babies were Johnathan Paul, Macy and Dexter.)

  3. I too was fascinated by the details of baby naming in Iceland – so interesting to learn about the cultural differences.

    To me, the most remarkable thing about Gary Busey and his girlfriend having their son, Luke, is… wait!? WHAT?! Someone is having his kids?! That kinda makes the name a moot point to me (and there isn’t much that could do that!)

    Good luck to your friend and congratulations to them!

  4. Sorry, I just read that article by Rachel Leibold & I thought it was brilliant! Being a South African,I COMPLETELY get what her husband Dieter meant by the Jan thing. Here, Jannie & Jan are VERY common names & even nicknames for names like Jakobus, Johannes etc I get what she means;an AMerican would say JAN & I’s say YUN or YUNNY as that is how they are actually said.Sorry, I just had to comment on that. 🙂 Anyway , enjoy the rest of your Sunday

  5. First of all, good luck to your friend & I’ll say a prayer for her

    Now, to get to business – of course Dylan is a classic name! aka Bob Dylan ! Just teasing 🙂 Aside from that,Dylan might not be a classic like Charles or something like that, but the name has been used internationally for a long time & it’s in the top 100 in MANY countries. It’s more contemporary than William, I give you that. To be honest, I’ve never liked William – I tried to & failed. I really dislike how it makes out the phrase ‘ Will I Am’ & all of the nicknames like Bill.Billy,Will & ‘cringes’ Willie.Oh, Dylan has been m number 1# name for a boy since I was 10 🙂 so, I’m extremely biased here hehehehe 😉

    I think ‘classic’ & ‘traditional’ aren’t mutually exclusive. To me , traditional is more conventional. whereas as ‘classic’ is timeless. You can have a traditional name that could be associated with a certain era & then you get a classic that will fit in at any time

    I actually kind of get the whole nickname thing as a name 🙂 I remember reading a couple of bogs, that at one stage, names like Millie,Tillie etc were all common & if look at the names from about 60 + years ago, they do seem a bit nicknamey, or at least-some of them do to me.That said, Pip Shaw doesn’t appeal to me

    My gut reaction was that I liked Hope Montanna. I like Hope & I think Montanna works with it.

    Whew, that was long ! Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the names you did this week! Good luck to your friend!

    1. When you mentioned Millie, it made me think of a lady I knew in my childhood. Her name was Mildred, but everyone called her Middie. I haven’t heard that nickname since, so maybe it’s fairly unique.