Sunday Summary 5.22.16I might be the last person on Earth, but I finally watched an episode of The Gilmore Girls.

And then promptly commenced binge-watching the entire series.

This led to two take-aways:

  1. I intend to move to Stars Hollow immediately. Especially because Amazon Prime has come into existence since the series debuted, which means I could live in a super-walkable small town with all sorts of quirky-but-lovable neighbors, but still have any random thing show up on my charming wrap-around porch in 48 hours.
  2. Suddenly, I like the name Lorelai.

Pop culture can work its magic, and an appealing character can completely transform the way we see a name. I really never understood the appeal of the name until about three episodes in, when I decided that Lorelai was a fabulous name, and the -ai spelling was perfectly reasonable.

Clearly the writers were name nerds. Other characters were called Sookie, Paris, Babette, Doyle, Lulu, Hanlin, Drella. And character names were often a tiny part of the plot line – a popular girl at Rory’s prep school named Lemon, a bad blind date called Rune, a bunch of first season explanations about the mother-daughter duo’s unusual name, and the fact that they share it.

I’m sucked into the show for lots of reasons, but the attention to naming? Absolutely a part.

Elsewhere online:

Now if you’ll excuse me, Stars Hollow is calling. It’s the one where Rory plays Juliet in a school play opposite Tristan as Romeo – and her boyfriend Dean is horribly jealous. And yes, I wrote that just so I could use all of those names in a single sentence!

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for long time, d wanted to share a sweet story with you. My cousin has recently had her second child, second daughter. She is not a fan of nicknames and chose Hannah Margaret three years ago. he liked the name Hannah because is seemed nickname-proof, and she was correct in her thinking because Hannah is always just Hannah! When she found out that girl umber to was on the way, she carefully settled Arabella Pearl, and that is what we all started calling her. Big sister was having a tough time pronouncing it, always coming out “Ah-bah”, “Ah-bay” and eventually “Ah-bee”. So we now have a totally unexpected Abby in our midst and it suits her perfectly!

  2. Claudia is winning now, so you’ve tipped the balance!

    LOVE the name Ingrid! The first Ingrid I ever met was incredibly cool and beautiful and artistic, and ever since that’s the image the name has in my mind.

  3. Oh, Ingrid! It was at the top of our girls’ list (though I had some reservations), but now we know our fall baby is a boy, but I still think of it wistfully sometimes! Now to reference that round-up for some fresh baby boy inspiration…