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How was your holiday weekend?  It’s always hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close.  I’m looking forward to reading year-end round-up posts, like this slideshow of celebrity baby names at Huffington Post.  Which reminds me, I have a few of those to write myself …

Elsewhere online:

  • Did you see Name Sociology’s Facebook post about Belgian DJ Pat Krimson’s new daughter Troy?  It’s quite the unusual choice, but their explanation makes it strangely charming.
  • What do you think of Halo?  Is it too much meaning for a name, or a logical successor to Harlow?
  • Does the hundred year rule really apply?  Namefreak’s series on the Top Names of 1911 continues to ask the question.
  • I’m really hoping this couple settles on Holiday.  It’s a bold name, but not an outrageous one.
  • Did you notice Posy Fay in this birth announcement round-up?  I love Posy, though I’d use her as a nickname for Josephine.
  • Abraham Lincoln continues to get lots of screen time with the successful biopic out this monthDo you think Abraham will catch on?  Or is it Lincoln that will be get the bigger boost?
  • I’m calling Ellery for the girls.  What do you think?
  • A new baby Royce at Swistle.  I think Royce is really catching on – he owes something to Bentley, and a little bit to Roy, too.
  • Light was in the Nameberry pop cloud early Sunday morning.  Does he belong with the list of modern virtue names?

As I’ve been holiday shopping at Etsy, I’ve been pinning some great name finds.  No surprise that I’m a sucker for a personalized gift.  A few things that have caught my eye:

  • Personalized plates from Rosie Posie Designs.  I haven’t ordered these before, but I have high hopes for the two I’ve ordered this year.
  • This cupcake apron from Tiny Green Apples is one of my go-to gifts.  Clio has one, and so does her cousin Rachel.
  • My kids refuse to get personalized backpacks, but these tags at Angie Cherry Hi are a great way to keep track of their stuff.
  • Personalized beach towels always come home from camp.
  • These capes have been a huge hit around here.  You can customize the initial – or not.
  • This is my go-to teacher gift.
  • I’m seriously considering buying one of these for myself.  Despite my attempts to carry more stylish bags, I think I’m probably more inclined towards the utilitarian.
  • For the second year in a row, I’m stalking Bebe Snicklefritz.  Great shop name, gorgeous designs.  But indecision reigns.  Maybe next Christmas …

I still need a great gift idea for an 8 year old girl … I’ve gone with personalized note cards in years past, but I’m stumped this year.  Maybe a personalized jewelry box?  This one caught my eye …

Tell me: are you into personalized gifts?  Do you give them?  Like to get them?

As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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What do you think?


  1. I really like the name Abraham. I hope it doesn’t become popular because I am still hoping to name a son Abraham someday. I love both nicknames too. I considered it for our son Benjamin.

  2. Since Ellery-the-boy-name has a different origin than Ellery-the-girl-name, it’s genuinely unisex. It feels masculine to me though, since it reminds me of Emery.

    I adore personalised gifts, both giving and receiving, especially if names/monograms/initials are included.

  3. I love Posy too, but I think I would use it as a nickname for Penelope.

    I did see a baby boy named Light one. It stuck with me because it is very memorable.

    I agree about Ellery. 90% of Ellery I see in BA’s are girls.

  4. I can see that Halo is a trimmed down Harlow, but all it reminds me of is the video game.

    I saw a birth notice for a baby Abraham this year – born on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. I loved that they didn’t go for the popular Lincoln.

  5. Ah, Ellery! All I can think is it sounds a bit light, but still, it’s all boy to me (Ellery Queen anyone?)Either that or I get stuck on the similarity to celery.

    In my house, we love personalised stuff! Our tree skirt reads: The MacKenzie’s in beautiful script. The kids (and us) all have pesonalised Santa hats. Both the Mr. & I got ornaments with our names on them when we were kids, so we got them for our kids too. Josie got a ballerina jewelry box for her 8th birthday with her whole name painted around the bottom. It’s one of her most treasured possesions. 😀 I say jewelry box beats stationery!

  6. Troy I guess could work on a girl, there are worse choices.

    Halo could work, but more of a middle name.

    Holiday on the other hand has enormous teasing potential, I wouldn’t use it.

    I don’t see Abraham catching on anytime soon, its all about Lincoln right now.

    Light is a definitely possibility, I mean Luz is used and people enjoy (for the most part) Lux, so why not Light? I guess more of a middle name though.
    Ellery is definitely going girl, but its all boy to me. Like someone posted over there, to me origin and meaning is more important than usage.