Sunday Summary 10.22.23I am forever in awe of others’ creativity.

In all fields of endeavor, actually. But I pay closest attention, naturally, to names.

Two that caught my eye this week: Odette, called Dottie for short. LOVE this. Because Odette is cool and edgy and fun, but maybe not the cuddliest name. And Odie is not a great option. But calling your adorable toddler Dottie as a nickname for Odette? Yes! It makes a great name better.

The second random find: Chapter, as a given name. I mean … Carter and Chandler and Harper, yes. Story and Lyric, too. So why not Chapter? It’s just plain interesting, meaningful, and literary. I think. Or maybe I should say I’m still thinking about this one.

Have you heard any names that make you pause and think “that is SO interesting” lately?


Of course I’m lowkey obsessed with the most Canadian girl names identified by Nancy. Because they’re French and a little different. I mean … Flavie?! Ophelie? Oceanne!! There’s a boys’ list, too, equally French and amazing. Laurier!!

An interesting honor name conundrum at Swistle. Their loved one is Jimmy, not James (or even Jim). This time I disagree with Swistle. (This almost never happens.) Her take? “… this is just one of those impossible situations … The choices are: (1) Use the name anyway … (2) Don’t use the name … The brain attempts to find a third option, but there is no third option …” But honoring a Jimmy by naming your son James seems completely reasonable.

Will the Frasier reboot boost Freddy? Way back when, Frasier Crane and his wife Lilith Sternin named their son Frederick. It was a buttoned-up kind of pick, meant to reinforce the characters’ serious, intellectual vibe. We didn’t see tons of the little Crane kiddo in either Cheers or Frasier. But now one of television’s longest running characters is back, and his son Frederick is all grown up, answering to Freddy. I kind of hope it’s the kick Frederick needs to follow Henry and Theodore into wider use.

Looking for French names? I’ve long loved Meilleurs Prenoms. Since I just updated my lists of French girl names and French boy names, I thought they needed a shout out. And yes, it’s always important to note that names we call French and stylish in the US might be French and super-dated in the Francophone world.

Event Pennant Company shares some more amazing names on their Instagram. Mina is so lovely – and surprisingly rare. Also, I’m still surprised that Arrow never really caught on. Maybe someday?

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. Interesting name I found at a cemetery this week: Rhodaphine! Born in the 1930s. Also saw a Brunell (F), Euba (M), Leoma (F), and Clondia (F). And DH spotted a Marleau (F)! Like Marlo maybe?

    1. Rhodaphine! I need to go look for more about that – what an amazing name! And a great list of finds – thank you! I can see Marleau catching on … I hadn’t realized how very popular Margaux is in France.

  2. In the Amazon Christmas mailer I got last week, they had an actual boy model named Sesame. Sesame! He had honey-colored curls and glasses. I have been thinking about that all week.

    Also met a tween named Nayva (NAY-vuh)… like Ava with an ‘N’ first. Very interesting.

    1. Sesame! That’s so different … but I think I could love it, right? Nayva is pretty, but that spelling makes me want to say Navy. Then again, I might rhyme Nava with have a, so not sure it’s an easily resolved question …

    1. Ione + Arrow are amazing together! I like Aero, but it makes me think of the candy bar.