SNS Boys QuarterFinalsWhat, precisely, is the Summer Baby Names Showdown, you ask?

Most years, it’s the way we choose our favorite of the new names in the US Top 1000. But 2020? Well, 2020 is just a little different. (Understatement alert.) There are no new names. Or … there are, but the Social Security Administration has delayed their release. (And I get it.)

But that opened up space to do something we’ve been talking about for ages.

Yup, we’re going to grow a champion from all the past March Madness Baby Names champions. And we have TEN years’ worth of victors to choose from.

The opening round had us all voting for just ONE name out of those ten. That vote determines the eight names proceeding into the quarter finals, as well as their seeds. (The hardest part of this contest is always some of the early match-ups, right?)

So here are the results from the Boys’ Opening Round:

  1. Arthur
  2. Theodore
  3. Nathaniel
  4. Rowan
  5. Finn
  6. Leo
  7. Everett
  8. Caspian
  9. Arlo
  10. Archer

That means Arlo and Archer are out of the competition. But we still have eight names vying for the title.

Your vote determines which names advance! Vote for your favorite – whether that’s a name you’d love to give to a child, or one that just plain thrills you when you hear it on someone else.









Voting remains open through Thursday, July 16th. Check back next Saturday, July 18th to see which names advance. And, of course, to vote your favorites through to the next round!

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