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  1. I am really surprised by this.I have a little boy who has just turned 12 months old and his name is Noah Amadeus!!.I always loved the name Amadeus,but just didn’t think it was suitable as his first name so gave it as a middle name instead.I think it’s a great name,as is Noah!

  2. Oh, Luis is pretty common in Germany, almost in the Top10. Louis is also popular, but not as much as Luis.

  3. His older sons complete names are Noah Gabriel and Elias Balthasar.
    Edley is the name of Lilly’s uncle and Luis Garcia Fanjul was Boris’ best man.

    1. Thanks so much, Iolanthe! Edley is terribly cool, and I figured there must a family connection. And THAT explains Luis – I couldn’t puzzle out how a German/Dutch couple ended up with the Spanish version of Louis …

  4. The name makes sense to me if you consider the parents ancestry.I wonder which pronunciation they use :ahm-a-DAY-es or ahm-a-DEE-es?
    It’s kind of odd, because as a foursome Noah seems out of place to me. However, Amadeus, Noah & Elias would work as a sibset for me as would Noah, Anna & Elias. But then again, I’m generally not that bothered as to names looking ‘sibset-like’.
    Whenever I hear Amadeus, I just think of Mozart.It’s not the worst association you could have with a name.
    The only name that appeals to me to actually use is Elias & I only like it when it’s said eh-LEE-ahs or EL-ee-ahs.
    It’s interesting to see how the names changed with the different mothers.