If you look closely at the Appellation Mountain header, you’ll see that another page arrived just a few short minutes ago.  Master List: Boys’ Names includes an alphabetical list of every boys’ name featured on the site as a Baby Name of the Day.

Or I thought I did.  When I counted up the list, I came up about a dozen short.  If you spot an omission, please leave a comment!


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  1. You seem to be missing Gray, Sylvester, Damian, St. John, Eloy, Gavin, Reason, Wyatt, Oscar, and Valentine. Also, Ryan, Vasare, and Y aren’t linked to their posts.

    1. Wow! I’ve been meaning to say THANK YOU for such accurate fact-checking. I’m fixing them now … any chance you can come look over my shoulder while I link the girls’ list? Around 5:00 AM, any morning, just outside of Washington DC …

  2. Brilliant! So many name stories I’d never read — thanks for going to all the work of creating this list! Incidentally, I just discovered that you have in fact featured the name we’re currently considering for this little one should it be a boy. I hadn’t realised that before.

  3. Thank you so much! A great idea, and it must’ve been one heck of a feat! I think I’ve spotted that Callum is missing.