Name of the Day: Orla

Worried that Isla is the next big thing?

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I know this is an old thread, but what about Aurla, the scottish version? I’ve fallen in love with it lately. Aura, too. Aura lee. Lora Lee. Lorelei. They all seem to go together for me and have all been quite appealing to me for a long time!

I can totally see the appeal of Orla. I wouldn’t go for it myself, but if I met a little Orla, I’d be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for covering Orla!

I first saw this name on name boards and there was a woman that posted using the name “Orlaith”. That piqued my curiosity; when I saw the Target collection I started feeling that Orla was surrounding me.

I suspect parents that like Nola or Vera could go for Orla as well.

Abby, what are you doing, sending us to a website with fabulous clothes…starting at $500? Not fair!

Orla is okay, but it’s not a name that would appear on my list. I don’t hate it, wouldn’t mock it, but don’t need it on one of my kids. 🙂

I know! I think I can afford a notebook. 🙂 The Target line was cool, but it didn’t last long. Too bad … I guess I’d better snap up some Liberty of London stuff now. Except that I won’t. But I’ve already written a post about Liberty, so I won’t have to mention that regret.

I like Orla. 🙂 I like the letter O and I like girl names ending in the short ‘a’ sound.

I had Isla on my girl names list, but hubby didn’t like it and it was an issue for me that people would say Is-la instead of eye-la.

A while back I spotted Orlo in the local obituaries, as I was browsing for ‘cool old people names’. I thought that was a nice unusual name, more out there than Oscar (name we picked if DD had been a boy) and Oliver (the name the DS almost got, but didn’t.) So I looked up Orlo online and didn’t find out much about it, but I did find out much more about Orla. So that kind of disappointed me, as a male Orlo might get mistaken for a female Orla.

Usually associations like Orca and Oral would bother me, but not so much here. Though I doubt DH would go for Orla or Orlo, so it doesn’t really matter. 😛

What about Arlo for a boy? I know one who’s about 10 – people seem to really like his name, and it’s very uncommon, yet no one has mispronunciation issues.

This is another sci-fi name for me. I can’t get excited about Isla or Orna either. And it’s only in the past year that I’ve figured out how to pronounce Siobhan, so I have serious reservations about it too. Helga, Bertha, Hilda and Zelda all sound like stout grandmothers to me.

Plus, I hate the name Leah due to its biblical context–Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, and worked and waited 7 years to do so, but he was tricked into marrying her “weak-eyed” older sister Leah. He had to wait another 7 years to marry Rachel. Leah had more sons, but it was Rachel’s sons Joseph and Benjamin that Jacob favored.

Orla is just okay for me too. It’s pretty common in Ireland so I’d definitely pick something a little more underused. Plus, one of the crazy kids in my school was an Orla so that does little to boost the name for me 😉
If I was thinking along that line I’d probably choose Orna instead.

UrbanAngel, I think there is a Danish name Orla – but it’s masculine!

I fear Orla’s similarity to Orca. And I hadn’t THOUGHT of Oral. Too bad, ’cause it is a cool sound.

Orla is just OK for me. I’m only eh about the names like Isla, Emma, and Leah that you mention in its company as well, so maybe it’s not my style. Add to that the fact that my mind twists the name into Oral every time I glance at it – it doesn’t help matters. The name is fine enough, but it’s not for me… that leaves more for some one else, I guess!

I LOVE/ADORE Irish names. I still hope that somewhere in my bloodline that there is Irish blood, cause of I’ve got the rest of the UK & Ireland is just the ultimate in cool.There are LOADS of Irish names on my male & female lists.I also really like Sinead & have for years.But, Orla just doesn’t do it for me. It’s similar to names like Hilga/Helda/Bertha/Zelda which I would never use. It’s so opposite from my taste.

Orla also has a Swedish vibe to me.Overall, nothing wrong with it, but the sound isn’t appealing.It’s not one like Bertha which is just really harsh & I don’t like, it’s more that I just don’t care about it either way – it doesn’t arouse any strong emotions. I’m fine if other parent’s use it, though. I hope this isn’t harsh