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Marie writes:

We have a daughter, Felicity Nicole. We chose her name in about ten minutes, right after we found out we were pregnant with a girl.

Now I’m due with a boy in October, and it feels like we keep adding and adding names to our list, but nothing is right.

So far we have:

  • Andrew (or just Drew?)
  • Arthur
  • Beckett
  • Caleb
  • Chase
  • Dalton
  • Davis
  • Elliott
  • Everett
  • Felix
  • Forrest
  • Henry
  • Hudson
  • Isaac
  • Jack
  • Jackson
  • Joseph (probably for a middle name)
  • Matthew
  • Martin (family name, only as a middle)
  • Miles
  • Nolan
  • Oliver
  • Paxton
  • Russell
  • Ryder
  • Silas
  • Stephen (family name. I don’t care for Steve/Stevie, but I love Stephen)
  • Theodore
  • Tristan
  • Wesley
  • Zachary
  • Zane (maybe more of a middle name)

Every time we talk, we add more names to our list! Can you help us move in the other direction?

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your son!

Here’s what leaps out at me: Felicity Nicole is something of a lacy antique. It’s traditional, in the sense that we’d accept it as a name from an earlier era. (Though the numbers tell us that it’s far more common today than ever before.) It’s not a rock solid classic like Elizabeth, but it’s also not a modern invention, like Everly.

That makes me wonder if your boys’ list shouldn’t match that style – a contemporary favorite that feels like a vintage gem?

Felix is an obvious name from that category, but I wouldn’t recommend siblings named Felicity and Felix. It’s too much like, say, Robert and Roberta or Jack and Jacqueline.

But several names on your list that stand out. Rather than adding more options, I’ll try to pinpoint the ones that feel most like Felicity’s brother.

Though with the exception of Felix, I think any of these names would be great for your family. So I completely feel your struggle!

I’ll pick just four that I think might be the best of the best.



Like Felicity, Everett sounds like a blast from the past. And it was used regularly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, spending many years in the US Top 100. That makes it another vintage choice with plenty of appeal now.


I could say nearly all the same things about Miles that I did for Everett. Except it’s shorter, and maybe a little bit jazzier, thanks to Miles Davis.


Probably the name that leapt off the list first! The only possible drawback is that the world is packed with Olivias and Olivers, so maybe you’ve already met a few? Style-wise, it’s a perfect match for Felicity, but it’s definitely more popular.


A New Testament name, and a nineteenth century literary one, too, thanks to George Eliot’s Silas Marner, this is a name that feels borrowed from the past. But it has plenty of modern energy, too, particularly thanks to the meaning – forest or woods – that puts it in the company of nature names like River and Bear.

I think I’d make a final decision based on the middle name you most want to use. Stephen seems like a clear favorite, and I think Everett Stephen could be great. Or maybe Miles Joseph?

Readers, over to you – what would you suggest as a name for Felicity Nicole’s new brother?

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  1. To me, Felicity feels unexpected but not unusual. It feels like a happy surprise and I always smile when I hear it.

    I really enjoy Wesley in the same way. It’s nice unexpected but feels solid and makes me happy. I also feel that way about Beckett, Dalton, Everett, Miles and Forrest.

    A note on Everett and it may just be a coincidence in our area but my son has 2 Everett’s in his class and 5 in his school. Not sure how much you care about popularity!

  2. From your list, I love Arthur with Felicity!
    Another one I like (not on the list): Sebastian.

    I would avoid something like Everett Joseph. The thing is Felicity Nicole is exactly the name of Jinger Duggar’s eldest child, and her youngest is Evangeline Jo. To me that’s too much.

  3. My husband and I had a similar problem with our last pregnancy – too much choice! To narrow it down, we sat down with our list and talked about why we liked each name. It soon became clear which names spoke more to us for whatever reason, and in doing so we were able to whittle down the list quite a bit.

    I’d suggest doing something similar to try and find out if there’s any name that comes with a really good story or reason for having chosen it.

  4. From your list I like:

    From others’ suggestions I like:

    I also like:
    Charles — nickname Chase
    Christopher — maybe not if Felicity’s nickname is Fliss, as Fliss and Chris would be too much.

  5. Definitely agree that Everett, Elliot (I personally prefer the 2 Ls & 1 T version) or Theodore stuck out to me. Any of those would work with Felicity.

    Some potential first & middle name combos…

    Everett Jack!

    Elliot Daniel!

    Theodore Ross!

    October is still a bit away, so you’ve plenty of time to execute your favorites. Hopefully this comments section & post gave some food for thought for you and your partner.


  6. I agree that Everett is definitely a great fit with Felicity. Theodore also goes well. Other names that sprung to mind included Dominic, Elliott, Adrian, Xavier, Alexander, Oleander (sort of combining Alexander and Oliver?) and Sebastian. I also like Timothy and Zachary, but wonder if they might be too sing-songy with Felicity.

  7. Felicity is so lovely. I sometimes think of the show Road to Avonlea when I hear it because that show was full of great names. Here are some of the boys’ ones, for inspiration. I know Andrew is already on your list!


    Hope it doesn’t just add to the confusion to see more names, but sometimes a fresh name or a different context for an already-found name can make the difference.

  8. I have a Felicity and her brothers are Bennett and Oscar! Which would have similar vibes to Oliver and Beckett/Everett. So there’s some more options for you 😉 I like Miles and Elliott too. Definitely agree with Abby’s advice.