March Madness Baby Names 2016: Girls Semi FinalsTime for another round of March Madness Baby Names!

If I were the betting kind, my money would have been on Lena or Lila to win the whole tourney.

And yet, here we are at the semi finals, and whaddaya know? Both of them are out of the competition!

Here are the full results from the girls’ semi final round of March Madness Baby Names 2016:

  • Marigold bested Lena, a solid 55% to 45%.
  • The next contest is the one that most reported difficult – and I completely agree. But in the end, Sylvie rushed past Esme, 61% to 39%.
  • Darling Clementine won her match, defeating Maisie 56% to 44%.
  • The closest match of all was Wren versus Lila. In the end, Wren slipped past Lila, 51% to 49%. Then again, Wren was our runner-up in 2015, so maybe it’s not a surprise that the avian name is still in the running.

Which name will join Louisa, Genevieve, Isla, and Cora as a March Madness title winner? That’s up to you, of course! Time to vote in the semi finals.

Two nature names face-off: the botanical Marigold versus the avian Wren

Two sweetly vintage choices compete: Sylvie versus Clementine


Voting will remain open through Friday, March 25th. Please check back on Saturday, March 26th to see if your favorites advanced – and to vote in the Final Round!

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  1. I’m afraid this is the round where my favorites are knocked out. I chose Wren and Clementine. I agree that Sylvie could take it all.

  2. I’ve loved the name Sophie since 1995 when my 4th granddaughter was named Sophia “Sophie”. For me, Sylvie is appealing in a similar way and a good alternative for Sophie which has become so popular. Both Sophie and Sylvie are French, end in the “i.e.” sound, and start with S (we also have Susanna and Sarah in our extended family). I’m glad to see Sylvie finally getting some recognition!

  3. Both of these were no contest to me, Marigold and Sylvie were my top two from the start 🙂 I predict Sylvie to win it all, it’s my newest name obsession