white jasmine flower. photo taken at night time.
White Jasmine Flower; Image via Wikipedia

Jasmine was a Disney princess, but this one is the real thing.

Thanks to Heather for suggesting Yasmin as our Baby Name of the Day.

Hollywood star Rita Hayworth married Prince Aly Khan in 1948.

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  1. I work with Latinos in the Midwest, and this name seems like their Madison–lots of creative spellings, very popular, and inspired by popular media (you can find this name in the telenovelas). It seems like such a common name to me since I hear it all the time on all the little girls around me, and, therefore, while I like it quite a bit, it’s unusable.

  2. I prefer Yasmin/Jasmin for a boy, and Yasmine/Yasmina/Jasmine/Jasmina for a girl. Though this is one of those unisex names that I don’t mind seeing on a girl; I’ve even seen the spelling Yasmine/Jasmine on a boy, and I’m okay with that too. Overall, except for a not-nice Mexican-American woman I worked with named Jazmin, I really like this name on everyone! 😉

  3. Yasmine is my sister’s middle name. We pronounce it Yes-Meen. My mom originally wanted her middle to be Kathleen, after her own grandmother, but then my parents decided they to go with something distinctly Arabic in the middle spot to “balance” her very American sounding first name, Hannah. I guess my mom figured that the -een ending on Yasmine was close enough to the -een ending on Kathleen for her.

    Anyway, Yasmine will always be my sister’s middle name to me. It’s not particularly exciting, but it’s a nice enough name. I don’t think I’d ever use the name because the pronunciation issues are too great I think; I really, really dislike the Yaz-min/meen pronunciation. She’s a good cross-cultural option, just not for me 🙂

  4. Yaz and Yasmin are the same hormone combination, but in different concentrations. Yaz gets more advertising because it is also used to treat acne.

    As a sign of how old I am — Jasmine was a character on Days of Our Lives from 1984

    1. I’m getting the oral contraceptive vibe too. It’s a pity really — someone should have a job forbidding companies from bestowing actual human names on personal care products.

    2. I bet you’re right, Julie – wow, Days of Our Lives launched quite a few names in the 1980s. There’s Kayla, too! Wonder which writer was the not-so-secret name nerd?

  5. The name mostly reminds me of the the oral contraceptive Yaz. Was it ever called Yasmine? Jasmine is alright but here in the states I would mostly picture it on an African-American, which doesn’t mean it’s bad -I like Jasmine objectively -it’s just not useable for me.

    1. There are Yaz and Yasmin. One of them treats PMDD, and the other doesn’t. That’s what this name mostly reminds me of too.

      1. Me too! With an oral contraceptive in mind, this would be quite the ironic name to bestow on your offspring. 🙂

  6. I’ve known a lot of Jasmine / Yasmin’s in my age range (20-ish) and they’ve all been fairly horrible people. With such a pretty name, it’s sad that the association, for me, is negative.

    1. Weird, I went to school with a Yasmin and she was one of the group of “mean girls” in the year below me.

      I did some Google-stalking, and saw that her name must have been bestowed on a couple of young relatives in our town, as there are teen girls with her exact full name still doing very well in the world of athletics.