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  1. I know a Tracy, but it’s spelled Trasea. I think her spelling is pretty, but most of her teachers would call her Theresa on the first day of school. I like the name spelled both ways, but I wouldn’t give a child a name that’s confusing to pronounce.

  2. My mom grew up with twins named Tracy and Stacy — Tracy was a boy and Stacy was a girl. They’re both legitimately unisex names, but completely male in my mind.

    1. I love Tracy on a boy. But wow – I wonder how the twins felt about their rhyming names!

  3. I’m always delighted to meet a male Tracy — mainly because I find them to be rather scarce — but this is one of those unisex names that seem unappealing to me on both girls and boys. I met a rather ancient Tracy yesterday, and the name seemed rather too soft to be worn by that gruff old gentleman.

  4. not one for me, i knew a mean girl at school named tracy and that’s all i can think of (although i did work with another tracy and she was lovely) theresa/therese is however is gorgeous but i’d want to use tess or tessa as a nickname