It’s a nostalgia-rich choice from the small screen with a surprisingly current meaning.

It might be the heat of summer, but our Baby Name of the Day is Laverne.

Most recently, Laverne was a nurse on Scrubs, a tough cookie with serious values and a passion for soap operas.

But the Laverne that probably springs to mind first is Laverne De Fazio, the Brooklyn-born roommate to Shirley on the eponymous sitcom Laverne & Shirley, a megahit spin-off of megahit Happy Days.

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  1. Thanks again for doing this name! I know 3 people with this name, a woman in her 80’s, a man in his 40’s and another woman in her early 20’s. The surprisingly all go by Laverne (with the oldest capitalizing the V). I’ve always been surprised by how common and easy this name sounds and yet how few people would consider it for their kids. Thanks again for doing this name!

  2. So, wasn’t Laverne on Empty Nest? Park Overall, if I’m not mistaken. That’s the first Laverne I think of. I’m sorry, but to me, Laverne and bumpkin accent go hand in hand. I could never use this name. Interestingly, I find it similar to Leona, which goes hand in hand with Brooklynese. I’m not a big fan of L names in particular, but I find Laverne helplessly mired in the past…and the south.

  3. I wasn’t really introduced to this name before I started watching Scrubs. Laverne’s a great character, but one that really inspires namesakes.

  4. Laverne makes me think of a rather “rustic” family who farmed near my grandparents. My Dad has some legendary stories about their mischief and criminal escapades. Anyways, most of the kids had “vernus” names:
    Vernon, M
    LaVerl, M
    Lavern, M
    LaVonne, F
    Verill, M
    Verna, F
    Vernice, F
    Verndon, M
    Vergil, M
    Lavette, F

    I believe there were more children… but those are the only ones listed in the 1930’s census.

  5. I recently met a little girl named Alverna. We called her Verna (mostly because we didn’t understand her when she spoke so we missed the first syllable haha). It fit the little one well, although I wouldn’t expect the same for Laverne.

  6. I’ve always preferred Laverne for a boy and Laverna for a girl. When I was little I thought Laverne and Shirley were men. 🙂

  7. Verrry dated to me, and I don’t care for its sound. But if Sylvia and Vera can come back, then why not Laverne?

  8. I think I prefer Laverna to Laverne. I find Laverne even more unappealing now that I know it was a surname and also a male name. At least Laverna was a goddess.