1. Bewildertrix says

    I wanted to use Isemay as middle for Ottilie (’cause she was supposed to be a May baby – how’s that for precious?). Minus the ‘e’ I don’t like it half as much.

  2. Mirth says

    One of my long time favourites, being a particular fan of English medieval names. The Ismenes and Ismenias by the way probably are named for the sister of Antigone – their story was known. There are a few Germanic girls names ending in -may – Richmay is another.
    There is however no evidence for any Celtic connection.
    I’m glad to see it so disliked – it’s just too good to be shared 🙂

  3. KatieB says

    I’ve also come across the variant Ysmay which I’ve heard has medieval celtic origins but I’ve never looked into it. Esme is a beautiful name however you spell it. 🙂

  4. Claire says

    I’m with those who see Ismay as White Star Line all the way. Ismene, on the other hand, is a lovely name with real mythological origins. She was the sister of the doomed heroine Antigone, another seldom-used name I think deserves to be revived.

  5. Charlotte Vera says

    It’s pretty in a way, but I to add a “d” at the beginning of the word (i.e. dismay). I could see people who like Esme but dislike the Twilight connection going with this name, but I don’t really see it catching on for any other reason.

  6. Sarah A says

    This is way too connected to Bruce Ismay for me, especially since I’m one of those people who rewatches my special collector’s edition of Titanic every year 🙂

  7. liz says

    Ugh! Seems like a lot of names I don’t like lately. I’m hanging my hat on Silke so far this month. In fact just last night I was reading a book about a fairy named Esme to my kids, wondering how it related to the other -me endings. Ismay, yes, just seems like a mispelling, and ugly. And I see no need for May to be a nn — it’s a name, for goodness sake.

    • sadiesadie says

      For many people the name May is too short or abrupt to use as a full so they use a longer name to get to May/Mae as a nn… use of it as a nn doesn’t negate its use as a name just as use of it as a name does not mean it can’t be a nn.

  8. Filipa says

    Yesterday, I thought Femke was a boy’s name; today, I thought the same thing about Ismay, because it reminded me of Ismael… ;D

  9. Lola says

    Not for me, even though Esmeralda nn Esme’s on the list. Ismay’s ALL Bruce for me. When I saw the NotD, even before I read the entry in full, I was singing “Bruce”! Now I love Bruce, but not Ismay. Just…can’t…make…myself like it because of him! Sorry!

  10. sadiesadie says

    Sorry, I just see a creative spelling for Esme which is a name I absolutely adore.
    I agree that it is pretty close to dismay.
    I do like the nn May though.

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