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  1. My paternal grandfather’s name was Harold, and he went by Bud in his younger years (my grandmother didn’t like Bud and insisted that he be called Harold instead). As much as I’d love to honor him, I just don’t like Harold, Harry, or Hal. Harris or Harrison intrigues me, though.

  2. We named our son Harold (21 months) after his great grandfather (born in the 1920s) and call him Hank. His great grandfather went by ‘Buck,’ so nicknames that do not have a direct connection to the larger name are part of our family tradition! I’m thankful we chose the name: it was a moving tribute to a really great guy and the elderly Harold got to meet baby Harold a few months before he passed, which was a blessing. If teenage Harold wonders why we chose the name, we will have many rich stories to tell him about his great grandfather which will help him appreciate the history.

    1. Oh, I love your story, Jen! A friend of mine has her grandmother’s first name for a middle – and mentioned that especially after her grandmother passed, it was deeply meaningful to have that connection. And Hank is a grat nickname!