At first glance, she looks like a creative twist on Angela, but this exotic import is a completely different name.

Thanks to Casandra for suggesting Anjali as our Baby Name of the Day.

With names like Annalie and Aynslee in use for girls, you’re forgiven if you don’t spot Anjali’s Sanskrit roots.

Anjali translates to offering, but the meaning is far more nuanced.

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  1. I’ve seen quite a few babies recently with yoga-inspired names, so I can really this one appealing.

    1. I did in fact see an Anjali in an Australian birth notice from Names for Real, so my hunch that it would fit in with this current trend seems to have been proven correct.

  2. I live in a city with one of the highest concentrations of Indians in the U.S. Now I’m curious if there are any Anjalis running around my neighborhood 🙂 I do know (all under 12) Veena, Meena, Sheena (sp?), Gurvinder (he hates it though and goes by Gunu), and Yash. And the African-American brothers Elijah and Isaiah.

    I think Anjali is beautiful and while I’d be surprised to meet one who wasn’t Indian, I don’t think it’s a requirement. Wouldn’t sisters named Anjali and Aditi be adorable? 😉

  3. I went to college with a number of girls from India. There were some great choices among their names: Anjali, Sunita (nn Sunny), Alka, Priya, Sharmila, Devika.

  4. I have a not-so-great association with an Anjali, but the other Anjali I know of is my former English teacher’s five-year-old (her mother is Indian, I believe). I think it’s pretty. I have a weakness for Indian names– some of my favorites are Priya, Indira, and Jaswinder.

  5. It’s a pretty name… a high school friend has a baby (she’s probably a year and a half old) with this name. I was pretty surprised when I saw it – it wasn’t what I imagined she’d use. She has no Indian heritage and from what I know, neither does her husband. I like the sound of it and it’s nice for someone else’s kids. It’s just not my personal style. It does remind me a lot of Angela/Angelina, and maybe that’s why it feels familiar.

  6. At our pediatrician’s office, one of the nurses is named Anjoli. She’s African American, so I’m betting there’s a story there, but I’ve never had the nerve to ask.

    I like Anjali, it’s very pretty.

  7. I have always loved this name! I would definitely consider using it. And I have met 2 Anjalis in my life, both young, so it seems to be fairly common (at least where I live)

  8. This name is lovely. I love nearly all the Indian names I hear, but my husband has some hesitation since neither of us has any physical connection to India. And “But we love Indian food” isn’t good enough for him. Sigh!

  9. I like its sound a lot! Not for me as a name for my own kid, but on someone else’s she would be lovely!

    1. I think so, though Anjuli and Anjulie seem to only be used outside of India – the singer Anjulie was born in Canada, of Indian descent. I’m guessing now, but given the number of languages/dialects/vernacular forms in which Anjali could be used as a given name, there almost certainly multiple pronunciations – even if the differences are subtle – that would lead parents to choose slightly different spellings. I’ve seen Anjolie, too.

      1. I’ve always wondered if perhaps some of the Anglo Anjulie/Anjolies were named phonetically after the perfume Enjoli? Stranger things have happened!

        1. I wondered about that, too, Fionn. I seems like a long shot, but I can still hear the Enjoli commercial in my head. “I can bring home the bacon …” Oh dear. It might be stuck now!

      2. Anjuli was the name given to the heroine of M.M. Kaye’s 1970s novel The Far Pavillions, which is possibly why she’s gained some popularity outside of India. I actually went to highschool with two Canadian twins named Anjuli and Sujina (nn Juli and Jina) whose mother grew up in India. Anjuli had been named for Kaye’s character.

        I think your distinction is correct, Abby. I don’t recall ever meeting an Anjuli in India, but I knew lots of Anjalis of various ages. I can’t speak to whether the name would seem dated or not though.