Baby Name of the Day: Adria

She’s one letter short of 80s fave Andrea, and a syllable slimmer than current Italianate chart-topper Adriana.

Thanks to Shannon for suggesting Adria as Baby Name of the Day.

Adria came from the same soup that gave us Hadrian, Adrian and feminine forms like Adrienne.

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My name is Adria and i think i will never meet someone with my name. Ive always had doubts about my name but when i heard the atory behind it i grew to love it. My moms aunt was named Adria. She died giving birth to a baby boy when my mom was 5. I learned from my great grandmother thather mom had chosen the name. I am 13 nd i find this name an awesome name. 🙂

My name is Adria and while it is true that some people mispronounce it, I usually think of my name as an opportunity to get other people to slow down and really listen. It’s easy to blame the name for being too similar to others, rather than taking responsibility for accepting that variations are unique, beautiful, and should be respected. I’m 31, and like the other Adria’s out there I have yet to meet another. When I was a child, I didn’t like my name. I wanted to be like all the other girls named Jessica. Now I see the value in having a name like mine. People remember who you are when your name is Adria.

My name is Adria…i havent ever met another one in 34 does have a nickname my friends and family call me “Aid”..i was happy to find this site about my name and although people do often call me adrian or andrea i do love my name because my mom named me and she was a smart wonderful woman.

We also named our Daughter, Aydria…a form of Adria and pronounced the same way! I have loved this name for the past 20 years and it was always the first choice for my future baby’s name. We have received many compliments on the name, however, I don’t care if other people like it anyhow since we love it and that is all that matters!

I named my daughter Adria and while we do get the occasional person saying “Adrienne” or “Andrea”, I am still very pleased with how beautiful and original it is. I call her “A” for short sometimes. I didn’t plan to but it just kind of became a habit at times. 🙂

I *am* an Adria. I’ve never met another one either, and I’m 57 years old! I’ve never been given a nickname from it either, so wouldn’t worry about it. My name is pronounce AY-dree-a, yet I do get a lot of errors from others, with adding an “N” the most usual mistake. I usually say “Adria, no N” when giving my name for a first time. I love my name and was pleased to find this blog about it.

Oooh! I was the one who started the nameberry thread ‘Impressions of Adria’ because we were considering it for our first daughter (whom we didn’t name Adria, by the way). Now that we have just had our second daughter, the name Adria is back on the table for consideration. How strange to be reading this blog and find my own original post mentioned! Thank you for this entry!

I think it’s pretty! Much better than Adrianna (or Adrian on a girl). Actually, the first thing it reminded me of is the Sarah McLachlan song “Adia.”

My impressions are that it’s truncated, has a sci-fi feel and is too similar to many other names. Those traits also feel like Adria is a made-up variation.

I’m not sure how to pronounce it either: AY-dree-ah, AH-dree-ah or ADD-ree-ah?

It’s a lovely name, but not very distinctive. Not only will it be misheard as Andrea or Adriane, but it’s yet another name that will be nicknamed as the uber-popular Addie.

the only time i’ve heard adria used was as in the tv show stargate sg1 (she was an alien queen played by morena baccarin), it is a very pretty name but i feel it would get confused with some of the related longer forms