Olive: Baby Name of the Day

October 8, 2012

Olivia is a smash hit, a Shakespearean name in the US Top Ten since 2001, and equally popular through the Western World.  But now it is her humbler cousin in the spotlight, thanks to Drew Barrymore’s new arrival. Our Baby Name of the Day is Olive.

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Baby Name of the Day: Scarlett

June 29, 2011

She’s a vibrant name with a legendary literary namesake. Thanks to Ivy for suggesting Scarlett as our Baby Name of the Day.

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Baby Name of the Day: Livia

May 23, 2011

She’s a Roman

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Sunday Summary: 3/6/11

March 6, 2011

First, a question for a friend: let’s say you were expecting a daughter. Not only is she going to be your last child, you’re the youngest sibling, so this baby is probably the last in her generation. You’d love to pass on your maiden name. Trouble is, your maiden name sounds exactly like a popular […]

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Sunday Summary: 12/26/10

December 26, 2010

I hope you had a wonderful, magical holiday!  A few random observations from the wider world: Clio opened a gift from the B. You toys line to find this quote in the packaging:  “I’m going to have five children and name them Cabbage, French Toast, Table, Shower, and Chair!”  I laughed, and then noted that […]

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Reader Baby Name Story: The All-Time Favorite Name

December 4, 2010

Thanks to Kate of My Kids Eat Off the Floor for sharing the joyful sequel to her previous Reader Baby Name Story: A Pair of Meaningful Choices. As promised, here is the naming story for our third daughter, Juno Kate! Juno’s name story begins 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with our second daughter, […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Verena

September 27, 2010
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Sunday Summary: 9/12/10

September 12, 2010

Let’s start a handful of picks from pop culture: first, True Blood’s werewolf Alcide. He joined the cast in Season Three and will be back in Season Four. If Sookie recently attracted attention, how about this romantic French spin on the Greek Alcaeus? I’m also intrigued by Katniss, the heroine of the bestselling young adult […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Mavis

May 17, 2010

Now that Olive has gone Hollywood and the hipsters are using Agatha and Sally, what’s a truly daring new parent to do? Choose the Baby Name of the Day suggested by Elle and Urban Angel: Mavis.

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Sunday Summary: 5/16/10

May 16, 2010

Conventional media is still abuzz with news that Jacob and Isabella are the most popular baby names in the US for 2009.

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