Elodie: Baby Name of the Day


Editor’s note: This post was originally published on January 20, 2009.  It was substantially revised and re-published on October 7, 2013. Take one medieval saint, transport her to Paris and what do you get? Thanks to Mariuccia and JNE for suggesting today’s Baby Name of the Day: Elodie.


Fetching Names: Les Mademoiselles


One of the most popular posts on AppMtn is, hands down, Ooh La La: French Names for Girls.  Plenty of French feminine names have been requested over the years, and search terms like “cute French names for girls” lead here at a steady pace. But not every French name seems promising.  70s staples like Danielle […]


March Madness 2011: The Victors!


It’s official. The trophies go to Louisa and Nathaniel! In the final round of play, Louisa bested Elodie, 229 to 140 votes, or 62%. The boys’ round was more interesting. Nathaniel, you’ll recall, was wrongly ousted in the Semi-Finals. He was returned for the Finals, leaving us with a three-way contest. And wouldn’t you know […]


March Madness: Girls’ Final


Color me surprised! If you’d asked me to predict the final match-up, well, I’d have guessed the opposite. In last week’s action, Elodie squeaked past Isla, 53% to 47%, or 197 votes to 177. After trailing for a few days, Louisa beat Adele, 54% to 46%, or 204 votes to 173. But that’s why we […]


March Madness: Girls’ Semi-Finals


The boys’ Quarter Finals were all close, with no one name winning by a landslide. The girls were a different story. Louisa beat Ophelia handily, 67% to 33%. And Elodie bested Lorelei by a comfortable margin of 20%. Still, you can’t quite call any of those runaway victories. I have my guesses as to which […]


March Madness: Girls’ Quarter Finals


March Madness continues, and the competition is fierce! Elodie barely squeaked past Claire. A mere two votes decided that race. The biggest victory went to Adele. She thoroughly trounced Eithne, garnering 86% of the vote to her rival’s mere 14%. Lydia and Lila both won by impressive margins, suggesting that L truly is the letter […]


Baby Name of the Day: Miette


You might call your daughter Cupcake, but odds are there is something far more formal on her birth certificate.  But what if your first language isn’t English, and you just plain like the way Cupcake sounds for your daughter born in Borneo or Bahrain or Brussels? Thanks to Emiley for suggesting an option that might […]


Sunday Summary: 12/26/10


I hope you had a wonderful, magical holiday!  A few random observations from the wider world: Clio opened a gift from the B. You toys line to find this quote in the packaging:  “I’m going to have five children and name them Cabbage, French Toast, Table, Shower, and Chair!”  I laughed, and then noted that […]


Sunday Summary: 1/31/10

Let’s start off our Sunday with some controversy. The NameLady recently answered a reader’s question: Are there rules for nicknames? Her answer was basically yes. Julia can be Julie and David Dave, but take it much farther you really should just put the nickname on the birth certificate. (In this case, she advised her reader […]