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Happy Sunday!  Some of you have noticed that the posts are still not all unpacked in their new home. (Though I am starting to feel like I know where things have landed.) If there’s a post that you’re particularly eager to read, please let me know, and I’ll transfer that month next.

On to this week’s name news:

  • Did you see Nancy’s post on the biggest changes in the popularity lists?  It might be the best way yet to spot the hottest names: Axel and Easton both made the boys’ list, and Zoey and Stella on the girls’ side.
  • Marginamia’s name consult for Bessie’s boy-girl twins is sublime.
  • Did you play The World’s Biggest Name Game at Nameberry this week?  I couldn’t look away.  If you missed out, you can still play in the forums.
  • Is Boone catching on?  I feel like he’s a logical follow-on to Cole and Bowen and the like, plus Dennis Quaid has a son called Thomas Boone and .  ForReal spotted a Boone Elijah in Tennessee.
  • Is George the new Max?   Swistle suggests it could be so …
  • Which reminds me, Happy Birthday to George Clooney.  Surely he’s lending that classic appellation all the Hollywood leading man handsomeness George deserves!
  • While we’re in Hollywood, have you seen The Avengers yet?  My pick for the minor character name most likely to get a boost from all of these heroic blockbusters is Jarvis.  He’s the name of the Tony Stark-invented computer system that helps him build the Iron Man suit, and he’s appeared in subsequent movies, all voiced by Paul Bettany.  Comic book aficionados will recognize the name as a reference to Edwin Jarvis, back in the day when every playboy-by-day, hero-by-night had a butler.
  • Angela at Upswing adds Amy to her list of Unfairly Dated Names.  She’s right, but I have a hard time hearing it!
  • Elea’s list of Slovenian Baby Names is absorbing.
  • I’m tempted to go see indie flick Hick just for the character names a teenaged Luli, Blake Lively as Glenda, Rory Culkin as Clement.
  • I do intend to rush off to see What to Expect When You’re ExpectingIn a movie with that many babies, surely there’s some decent nametalk.

That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!


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  1. Oh, and Jarvis and George have a lot in common. (Strangely, I like the Georg- names for girls, especially Georgette, but don’t really like George for a boy, although Geordie is a name-crush from my teens.)

  2. Jarvis – I think you’re on to something. I can see him popping up as a sib to Jayden. I like the way rolls on my toungue as well as the sound.

  3. Shhhhhh about George! 😛

    Love the twin name consult. What a beautifully named family they have. So fun that they do a “party at the back” middle name.

    Jarvis is cool. Almost like Jasper, but without the unfortunate “as-” sound. Makes me think Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, but that’s just because he was big when I was a teenager in the UK.

    We were at the park yesterday and there was a little girl named Nevada. Her older sister was Crystal. I much preferred the other siblings we spotted: Dexter and Pepper. Pepper is not one I’d use myself, but it was so cute to hear the grandad calling “Pepper” and “Peps” to his granddaughter.

  4. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered Fernandine before (re: the boy-girl twins article). It’s lovely! I’d never heard of Malgosia either, but she sounds too much like a disease for my taste. As for George, I would be delighted to see him as the next Max. George is on my list of fabulous-names-I’ll-never-use.

  5. I experienced an interesting phenomenon twice this weekend, for lack of a better idea I’m calling it Grandparent Telephone. Both sides of our family welcomed new babies recently… Earlier in the week, my Aunt announced her new granddaughter as Gwendolen Lee, but when I spoke to another cousin I learned the baby is actually Gracelyn Ellis. On the other side of the family, my FIL reported his new niece was named Sheila, except the birth announcement actually said Shaylee. In both cases it was an uncommon name combined with hearing/vision loss, but after talking with a few girlfriends I’m guessing this is pretty common. (I’ve also heard of an Amory whose grandma calls Ann Marie and a great-grandmother who continues to pronounce Graeme like Jamie.) Just another thing to worry about when choosing names.

    I can’t believe I missed the World’s biggest name game, that looks like it was fun.