Let’s start with the big news – contest time! Nameberry is running a contest. Guess the Top Ten girls’ and boys’ names – or come the closest – and you’ll win fabulous prizes.

And I do mean fabulous – you’ll be among the first to have a copy of the much anticipated Beyond Ava & Aiden.

In other name news:

  • The fun-lovin’ Chinese government is cracking down on wild baby names. They’re blaming it on technological limitations. Interestingly, even the Chinese are having trouble convincing their citizens to comply – so let’s assume that the US won’t be telling new parents they can’t name their little ones Pryncyss any time soon.
  • Over on Swistle’s site, a parent wrote in asking if Archer was the new Aiden. I think the answer is definitely no – I can’t imagine Archer genning so many spin-offs. (Barcher, Carcher, Jarchyr … nope.) But he could be the new Tyler or Carter.
  • Emmy Jo took a stab at Multicultural Naming for Girls and Boys. From her girls’ list, my top pick is Elke. I’m less sure about the boys. As she noted, it is tougher to come up with culture-spanning choices for our sons!
  • Speaking of boys and girls, Nameberry did a makeover of some of the most popular names for each gender. They’re great lists – and wouldn’t ya know it? There’s Archer again, as a possible substitute for Andrew.
  • Elisabeth at You Can’t Call It “It” has a lovely list of Earth Day names. Sure, April 22 is past. But eco-chic is a 365 day affair now, right? And while I think Lynx and Cougar are crazy choices, I do kind of love Demeter and Fern.
  • Actress Jill Scott named her son Jett Hamilton, a name which I find surprisingly pleasing. It’s not my style, but it has quite a bit of style – and a nice balance to it, too.
  • William Huckleberry’s little brother has a name! Brad Paisley and wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have named their son Jasper Warren. Yup, Warren – apparently he was Brad’s grandfather – the man who gave him his very first guitar. Maybe that tips the scales in Warren’s favor!
  • I sent a PaperbackSwap book to someone named Sian. And while thumbing through a back copy of some random magazine, I came across a stylish San Francisco-dwelling family. The kids included Mary Harriet, Carole and Edward. I thought that was fascinating – ‘specially the Carole-with-an-e.

That’s all for the moment. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nope, Carol O’ Connor ring a bell, any? Carol was truly unisex for a ling time before suddenly going girly. Part of the reason I dislike Carol.

    My favorite of EmmyJo’s were Zelda (duh) and Mina, both of which I love passionately. The boys were tough because they’re almost all nicknames to me, But Gus, Rohan & Sol are most appealing. I completely skipped over Zev, which also works for me.
    I know a Sian girl. it’s definitely Shan (or Sharn, because of a rhotic accent) I also know of a Sian boy, whose mother insists is pronounced sean. Must give the poor boy fits. 😀

    I liek Jasper but prefer Caspar for myself. I agree, Jasper’s poised to leapfrog. And in 10 years.. landslide as all those “Twilight” fans astart reproducing. I think Japer Warren is not only handsome but a fetching brother for William Huckleberry/Huck. Huck & Jasper have the same, gun-totin;’, gum chewin vibe for me! OTOH, Jett does nothing for me. It’s not awful but not great either.

    I saw that article on Chinese names & the government. Made me laugh. I know they’re not us but how do you get what, 6 million people? to acquiesce? I’m almost dying to see how that comes out! 🙂

    Nice round up, sorry I missed it yesterday. It was a crazy (good) for me!

    1. I’m embarassed to admit that I’m just reading Twilight now. I was late to Harry Potter, too. 🙂 But that’s a nice point, Lola – anything Twilight is going to be big, ready or not!

  2. I always thought Carole-with-an-e was a boy name – is this child a boy?
    How is Sian pronounced, exactly?
    I’m not a fan of Jasper, but think Warren is right in the middle spot.

    1. You might be right about Carole-with-an-e, but she’s a girl.

      Actually, I don’t know much about Carol’s origins, but to my ear, it has always skewed masculine. Am I imagining that – anyone?

      Sian is pronounced Shan – I understand it is the Welsh equivalent of Jane, but I’ve never met anyone with the name. (And I suppose it is possible that my Sian is a he.)

      As for Jasper, I do kind of love Jasper. But he’s probably up there with Archer for names that are likely to leapfrog up the charts.