Claire Coffee ShopI want to walk by this coffee shop every day, to see the names! Sadly, it’s not anywhere near me – but my brother-in-law who sometimes passes it has promised to snap more pictures when he can. Yay! Follow me on Instagram for more #namespotting. I’m @appmtn.

  • Did you have a delivery surprise, or did you find out your child’s sex in advance? We found out, but I’ve known plenty of families who have opted for the big “It’s a …” moment. But with twins? That’s definitely double the challenge!
  • Speaking of twin names, Names 4 Real rounded up a long list of twin names where the siblings shared the same first initial, mostly boy/girl. Some of the names definitely fail my How Close is too Close tests, but others work really well. Kind of loving Maggie and Max!
  • While we’re there, I also enjoyed this list of names that come with a what-we’re-actually-calling-the-baby note, like Elizabeth Alice “Betty” or John Alexander “Jax.” My husband and I debated putting our daughter’s nickname on her birth announcement, since it’s quite different from her given name. He was so against it that I caved, but I do think it’s useful for others.
  • This Hitchcock-inspired baby name story is SO creepy!
  • Daisy and Dolly! Would you match sister names this way? Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman did just that, and while I’m not sure I’d dare, I kind of love it for someone else’s child.
  • I had so much fun with this post for Nameberry: Country Boy Names. My original list was more like 25, then I cut it to 13, then finally had to get it down to 10!
  • Everett is a great name.
  • Ooh … Philippine called Philou!
  • I agree with Duana on this one – Jane Florence is quite lovely as a first-middle combination.
  • I keep hearing Mahershala Ali’s name, ever since Moonlight came out. Love his chat with Jimmy Kimmel about all things baby names, as well as the possibility of an Oscar nomination!

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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