Padma Lakshmi followed through on her promises to bestow a traditional Indian appellation on her baby-on-the-way. Krishna Thea Lakshmi arrived over the weekend. (Hat tip to Celebrity Baby Blog.)

I’m far from up on my Sanskrit names, but I’d always thought of Krishna as masculine.

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  1. Names can certainly have multiple ‘origins’ based on coincidence of similar sounds in different languages. But Sanskrit and Greek have a common predecessor linguistically, so the y ARE related anyway (both are part of the indo-european language family). Hence Thea does have a Sanskrit link…

    This link shows the Greek word theos and the Sanskrit deva are related – both meaning ‘god’ (th and d are often interchanged sounds, linguistically speaking – any toddler or Brooklynite or Chicagoan will attest to this, and vs do tend to appear and disappear over time and distance in dialects with the eventuality of separate languages):

    Krishna might be spiritual, but brings to mind chanting in airports for me… where’d that go, by the way, I haven’t heard Hare Krishna in an airport for a very long time…

  2. I do think Thea could possible have multiple origins. Kind of like Maia/Maya – one being Greek & the other Sanskrit.

  3. For over ten years I lived in essentially the Indian capital of SA. The city or that area was known as being an Indian area, so I came across a lot of Sanskrit names. That’s why Krishna sounds feminine to me. I don’t think she was trying to follow a trend by choosing a possible gender-ambiguous name. But, then again, what’s ambiguous to one person isn’t to another. I think it all depends on culture, exposure & popularity
    I think she probably just chose a name or a name pairing that she really liked or perhaps one or both of the names meant something to her. Either way, I wish her the best of luck & am happy she finally managed to have a child. I’m sure baby will grow up to be just as gorgeous as Mom