March Madness 2018 boys opening roundIt’s the first Saturday in March, and that means it’s time for March Madness Baby Names!

2018 marks the eighth year of competition. (Seriously! Can you believe it?) The contest takes the most-viewed names at Appellation Mountain from the prior year, and lets them duke it out for the title of champion.

Because the most-viewed names at Appellation Mountain make for an eclectic set, the Opening Round is packed full of names you probably wouldn’t hear on a local playground. But the winning names tend to be favorites, and almost always rise in the rankings in the same year they claim the title.

  • Our very first year’s winner was the traditional Nathaniel.
  • Arthur took the top spot in 2012.
  • Up-and-coming Archer was the big winner in 2013.
  • Everett carried the day in 2014.
  • In 2015, Finn took home the trophy.
  • Theodore won big in 2016.
  • And in 2017, Leo joined the elite fraternity.

Plenty of past contenders have returned in 2018. We saw Wilder, Huxley, Atlas, Torin, Emrys, Ayrton, and Koa in last year’s competition, too.

The Opening Round will narrow the sixteen favorite names to eight. We’ll then proceed to four, and finally two names, which will face off in the Final Round on March 24th.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s vote!

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Wilder vs. Atlas

The great outdoors battles against the book of maps.

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Arlo v. Emrys

Upbeat Arlo versus the elegant, Welsh Emrys.

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Ayrton v. Endeavour

A contest between two rarities: racing’s Ayrton and fiction’s Endeavour.

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Loxley v. Oakley

Which -ley do you love more?

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Koa v. Rowan

The forest face-off, with tree name Koa against tree name Rowan.

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Credence v. Huxley

A Fantastic Beasts character name or a literary surname?

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Torin v. Gray

A Gaelic rarity confronts a colorful up-and-comer.

MM18 Boys Opening Round: Fox v. Deckard

Two cool names duke it out: sly Fox and Furious Deckard.

Voting will remain open through Thursday, March 8th. Check back on Saturday, March 10th for the quarter finals round and see which of your favorites advance. Any guesses as to which name will win it all?

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  1. I feel like Arlo could win! I’m kind of glad my husband nixed Arlo when naming our son in 2015. It seems to be becoming very popular!