1. Lou @ Mer de noms says

    Never actually heard of the name before since, as Zeffy pointed out, Oprah has very little media coverage here in the UK. I think Harpo is a quirky little choice, but will never quite shake Harper off it’s back. It does remind me somewhat of the word Harpoon, however.

  2. Kat says

    I actually like it. And to honest, Harpo Marx isn’t too bad of a connection. He was a great man and a great entertainer.
    I honestly never heard of the Harpo/Oprah connection and most of my friends haven’t. Maybe it has something to do with our generation? Oprah seems to be more popular with people in their 30s and 40s. I don’t know.

  3. KatieB says

    I can’t really see this as a given name but the Oprah, Harper, Harlow associations give this name a feminine quality. However, I can’t hear Harpo without thinking whales by way of harpoon. :\

  4. Lemon says

    Oh, I want to like this, I so do! But I can only think of Oprah’s Harpo Productions. By the way, I’m jealous that she has a cool way to switch around her name and make it still sound good. I’d end up with Nerual Productions – not the same effect.

    PS I could see this as a quirky Harper nickname! Better than Harpy, huh?

  5. Julie says

    Harpo isn’t for me, but I’d rather meet a little Harpo than another Dillinger or Capone.

    Harpo could work as a nickname for Harry, Harley or Harvey as well.

  6. Zeffy says

    I much prefer Harpo to Harper. Since I live in the UK and Oprah is not a tv staple over here, my first encounter with Harpo was through The Colour Purple. I thought it was a nice name then and I still think it is. But I can see your point about it just being too connected to Oprah and her production studio.

  7. Lauren says

    Maybe it’s the contrarian in me, but I actually like Harpo as a given name. I know, I can’t figure myself out, either.

  8. i.heart.nerds says

    I honestly would rather see a baby Harpo than a baby Harlow. I could see it working if you like the har beginning but a softer ending than Harper gives.
    After meeting a little boy named Turbo, I can say that it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Harpo in the first name spot.

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