Russia trip, Apr 2008 - 25
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He’s a literary Russian option, nearly unknown in the US.

Thanks to Jennifer for suggesting Arkady as our Baby Name of the Day.

Ask someone to name an ancient appellation with ties to Greece and Russia, an enduring classic that starts with A, and the most likely answer is

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What do you think?


  1. I read this whole thing as Ar-KAY-dee, like Arcadia, probably because one of my favourite names used to be Cady, and that -ady looks like adee to me. I think I prefer Arcadia, nn Cady, to Arkady. Also, the word Ark is really obvious to me, and it seems to religious.

  2. Arkadiy is my sister’s husband’s twin brother’s name! My BIL and his brother immigrated to the US with their family from Russia when they were around 12. His name is definitely pronounced Ahr-KAH-dee. I don’t think there are major pronunciation issues with this name, though it definitely sounds better when my BIL says it with his Russian accent 🙂

    I had no idea Arkadiy had this much history, awesome!

  3. I like it said AHR-ka-dee; I think this one is unusual but usable, and the nn Kade makes it seem like it would fit in with the Kaden type names.

    I have met a child called Arky this year; I’m assuming his name is meant to be a form of Arkady but they couldn’t cope with the full name. I wish they’d gone the whole hog, as to me Arky looks like Barky without the B or something.

  4. Just like Kipling made me think of “crippling/crippled” this one makes me think of Arcade. I can’t seem to get past it enough to like it.

  5. It’s not for me, but I think it’s interesting… It would be nice to meet a little Arkady.

  6. Love this name, always have for a very long time. I would hate to see it on a girl, but given some parents mentality, wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    Love the sound Arkady, and the nickname Kady or Kade is really cute.

  7. I want to pronounce Arkady as AHR-kuh-dee, with the same rhythm as Chastity or Harmony.

  8. When I saw the title of this post, I thought ‘girls’ name, Arkansas-connected, sounds like arcade, made-up, hillbilly name’. I never would have guessed that the name has Greek, Roman, Russian connections or that it has links to the name Arcadia, which I’ve heard of but know nothing about. I don’t like the sound of Arkady at all, but think Arcadia, nn Cady, would be fine for a girl.

  9. Arkady is AWESOME! I absolutely love the name but it sounds beyond ridiculous with my Scottish surname. 🙁

    Arkadiy was my second favorite Great Uncle on my Mother’s side. He was #8 of 12 brothers (and one sister, my Babci). I’ll list them all, they had some fabulous names:
    Rafael, Bern

    1. Those are some fabulous names! And I agree, the “iy” spelling looks better somehow.