1. Siobhan Costigan says

    I am already a fan of Appellation Mountain on Facebook, have just added Nook of Names, and am a regular visitor to both sites! Although there are many, many names that have been featured on Nook of Names that I absolutely love, my vote would have to go to R

  2. Panya says

    After a quick glance at Nook’s site [I’ve since subbed and will definitely look deeper later!], Sherlock jumps out at me — I’m a bit obsessed with this lately. I’ve always liked it, but the recent re-imaginings have intrigued me.

  3. Katharine (English Kate) says

    Apollodora – how cool is that?! Love the Nook names site and will enjoy browsing past posts at my leisure.

  4. Raquel Somatra says

    I’ve liked Appelellation Mountain on facebook a while back. My user name is “Gilliland Caravan” (share it with hubby, so we had to come up with a joint name). This book looks amazing!!!!!!

  5. Nook of Names says

    I can’t enter, of course, on two counts, being the author and in Britain ;), but I just wanted to say thank you everyone, for all the nice comments about Nook of Names and the book. After all the work, It really means such a lot. And a thousand thank yous, Abby, for doing this give-away and your support. Really am touched by it all :).

  6. Elizabeth W. says

    I love the hros names — Rosalind and Rosamund especially. They’re tribute names to my friend who’s a Rosalie, plus they also give me a peripheral Tolkien buzz. I’m not ballsy enough to name a girl

  7. Claire2 says

    What a treat! I was wandering Nook of Names and came across “From Russia with Love.” I am dabbling in the language so it was great to see the cyrillic spellings of each name and work on my Russian phonics. Andriyan has the charm of a more exotic version of Aiden.

  8. Claire2 says

    I “like” Appellation Mountain on Facebook! I should have a long time ago. I’ve been following you here for almost 4 years, in spite of my rare comments.

    • liz says

      I already like App Mtn on FB & now like Nook too. I really would love to have her book! Jessamy puts me in mind of two other books, The history of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy (1753) by the fabulous Eliza Haywood and The Jessamy Brides: the friendship of V. Woolf and V. Sackville-West by Joanne Banks (1973). Have a great night! Liz

  9. Sarah A says

    I’ve liked App Mtn on FB for awile now, and now I like Nook of Names too! My favorite name she’s mentioned is Caradoc, in the post about Rad. I would love to have a little boy Cary 😉

  10. droherrell says

    Hi there, I’ve been following Nook’s blog for several weeks and search it time and again while researching names for my novel. I found you through her blog, actually, and have liked you AND Nook on FB. Ahhh. My favorite name? So many to choose from. I’m going with Awen. She’s one of the main characters in the Southern Fantasy I’m writing. Thanks for the opportunity to win Nook’s book!

    You rock, Olivia

  11. Kathryn says

    Nook of Names is new to me, but I have been reading back through the posts and it’s fascinating. I love the post on Agnes, it is a longtime favorite of mine. Of course, it also mentions my great-grandmother’s name, Annis. <3

  12. Juna Belais Owen says

    Appellation Mountain has been liked 🙂 as well as Nook of Names 🙂 I love my name! K.M. Sheard has shed light on the meaning of this very first gift my mother gave to me. Although spelled Juna (yoona), in Old Norse Una means ‘to dwell contentedly’, ‘to rejoice’, and ‘to be content with one’s lot’. Also, from out of the mist of the distant Celtic seas, Una is a name from Irish mythology, a faerie queen no less! I love this notion since many of my friends tell me I have faerie mist tresses! And shall I go on… I shall. Owen. This is my maiden name. My Grandfather told me we have Welsh ancestry. Perhaps Celtic blood. He also said our name’s meaning was ‘young warrior’ and this is something I came to appreciate …as my life’s journey has reflected this. But I learned something much deeper from K.M. Sheard’s blog. It seems as if the original meaning is stemming from the Yew. An ancient tree. Long in life and reverent to Celts. Names have always fascinated me, I have enjoyed Nook of Names so much for the wealth of information the author has!

  13. kburgan220 says

    I don’t like App. Mt, I LOVE IT! As for Nook’s blog, my favorite by far was when she covered Waltzing my -ilda’s ( I’d always thought my mom had a “made up” name. Her name is Milda, not Mildred, just Milda. And this post is THE FIRST time I’ve ever come across her name. Thanks to Nook, I now know that her name is actually derived from something and wasn’t just some name my grandmother pulled out of thin air! 🙂

  14. Jennifer says

    I’ve like App. Mountain on facebook for a while now!

    I couldn’t choose just one from Nook of Names, so I’ll say Embra and Fleury!

  15. Martha says

    I love Nook of Names–I’ve never seen such a thorough and in-depth name blog before. One of my favorites recently was probably “Latin Lovelies and Loathlies” because it featured one of my favorite names, Era.

  16. limo1603 says

    I have liked Appellation Mountain on Facebook!

    I think Branwen is still my favorite name post. I’m a big fan of the -wen names. 🙂

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