Lily Names: Lilith, Liliosa and Liliane

August 16, 2013

Lily is a Top 20 name, a floral favorite that appeals to many parents.  She’s as complete as Lucy, as tied to the natural world as Rowan or Skye, as vintage as Charlotte or Beatrix.  Lilies are said to symbolize purity, and they’re associated with Easter. Layer in lots of fictional Lilys – from Edith Wharton’s Lily Bart to How […]

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Lark: Baby Name of the Day

August 12, 2013

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on November 30. 2009.  It was substantially revised and re-posted on August 12, 2013. There’s Robin, Wren and Dove, and boys called Hawk and Falcon. Would this borrowing from the world of birds wear well on a daughter? With a Happy Birthday to my sister, today’s Baby Name […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Azalea

July 26, 2011

It’s another botanical option from the ever-expanding list of Nature Names parents are considering for their children. Thanks to Elizabeth for suggesting one she’s considering for her baby on the way. Our Baby Name of the Day is Azalea.

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Sunday Summary: 7/24/11

July 24, 2011

We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, here in Washington DC. It is my birthday week, which means I’ll exert slightly more influence over the name choices than usual. Happily, many of you were good enough to request names that I was longing to write about anyhow … definitely, the greatest gift! On […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Heather

July 12, 2011

She’s a botanical choice from a few decades back, once so popular that Winona Ryder went to high school with three of them. Thanks to Kelly for suggesting Heather as our Baby Name of the Day.

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Baby Name of the Day: Violet

July 5, 2011

She’s a vintage botanical in full bloom circa 2011. Thanks to Heather for suggesting Violet as our Baby of the Name.

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Baby Name of the Day: Linda

May 26, 2011

She skyrocketed from obscurity to the #1 spot in the US. Thanks to Kelly for this suggestion. With a happy birthday to Nameberry co-founder Linda Rosenkrantz, our Baby Name of the Day is Linda.

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Sunday Summary: 5/15/11

May 15, 2011

Since I’ve starting writing AppMtn, I’ve learned that I can usually tell you why a name rose – hindsight is 20/20 – but I cannot tell you, with any certainty, which names will make the US Top 1000 in the year 2020. I can say, with some confidence, that the majority of the names in […]

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Reader Baby Name Story: She Picked Her Own Name

May 7, 2011

My name is Courtney and this is the story about my daughter who is now eight months old. Her name is Sasha Lily. I had a girl’s name picked out years before I even got pregnant.Adelaide Helena. It’s so completely regal and seems like she could be a character in Canterbury Tales or a busty […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Humphrey

March 24, 2011

From a ninth century monk to a 21st century television show, with pit stops in Hollywood and the White House, this name has history aplenty. Thanks to Paul for suggesting our Baby Name of the Day: Humphrey.

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