Sunday Summary: 2.9.20What do you think of nicknames as given names?

The British seem far more amenable to the idea. Elea recently featured Sonny. And celebs have used names like Buddy and Daisy Boo. (Okay, maybe Jamie and Jools Oliver have hijacked my idea of what the English name their children.)

Except that names like Alfie and Archie and Bobby, Poppy and Maisie and Elsie appear near the top of popularity rankings. American parents have embraced many of the same choices, but we seem just slightly more likely to stick with formal names – which might explain why most of us aren’t quite ready to entertain the idea of Buddy as an actual name for our child’s birth certificate.

And yet, I wonder if I’m just revealing my own preferences here. Because Bonnie strikes me as a perfectly reasonable choice. It’s the name of a dear friend’s sweet mom. And I knew a terribly accomplished Bonnie when I was younger.

So even though I know that they belong together, I adore Bonnie as a girl’s given name. But Sonny? I hesitate.

Do you have the same fractured kind of inconsistent list? (Yes to Sonny, but no to Lulu, maybe?) Or is it just me?

Elsewhere online:

Speaking of nickname-names, this Australian couple called their new son Smokey. It’s the kind of choice that reminds me that every name has a story. And some of them? Are flat-out remarkable.

Thanks to the comment that reminded me about Dova. It’s one of the best name stories I’ve ever read, equal parts sweet and funny.

While I’m skeptical of unique name lists, this one? It actually delivers names that are truly unusual. (Nicely done, Emma!)

Jamie Foxx, Fonzworth Bentley, spam, and more oh-so-intriguing name quotes from Nancy.

And … all the way back to nicknames. Swistle brainstorms names that shorten to bird (or bird-related names.) Amazing suggestions in the comments, but the original question comes from a mom of a Katherine called Wren! I mean … just brilliant.

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  1. Swooning over the name Rupin! My husband would never go for it but maybe Reuben nicknamed Rupin…