Sunday Summary: 7.8.18New Names Showdown 2018 is here! It’s our annual summer contest to choose the boy and girl names most likely to catch on. In order to compete, the name has to be new to the US Top 1000 list, or returned after an absence.

If you’ve yet to vote, please do so here:

In other news:

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  1. I love the article about correct pronunciation of names. My hope is that this becomes the norm. It feels like such an important conversation.

  2. Without looking it up, I think the main character in the musical Guys and Dolls went by Sky … as a nickname. His real name he kept hidden but was revealed at the end to be something old testament biblical – maybe Obadiah or Hezekiah?

  3. There is a new actor in the Broadway show Dear Evan Hanson named Sky. He plays Jared Klienman. I like Sky for boys too.

    1. I agree! I really like Sky for a boy. Something about the Sk sound works. I don’t know though if it would be a burden in my area where it is 100% a girl name. Maybe by the time my grandkids are born it will be back in the blue.