Sunday SummaryCan it really be June 29th, the twenty-sixth Sunday of the year?  The weather says yes, and the calendar agrees, so I guess it is just me wondering where the last six months went!

Let’s start with a huge thank you to Kara for choosing an amazing group of names for the week.  Roxelana and Asenath were completely off my radar, and Javier and Maureen are the kind of un-championed names that I love to feature here.

And the post she requested about Native American Baby Names?  Easily the most challenging topic I’ve researched, probably ever.  The questions are huge, and it is so tempting to just look for attractive names that seem to be Native American … at least a little bit.  It’s a topic I’d like to revisit, but I’m not quite sure how I’ll begin.

Now, on to my name obsession of the moment: do you think it would be insane to try to learn Icelandic?  Flights from DC to Reykjavik are cheap, and if I knew just a little of the language, I might be able to eavesdrop on a playground somewhere.  Because seriously?  The Mannanafnaskrá – that’s their official list – is packed with fascinating names.  And yet it seems kind of crazy that a country that seems as open and welcoming as Iceland would be so strict about names.  I’m adding Reykjavik to my bucket list, and will report back.

Elsewhere online:

  • Yes, this list!  Especially #2, #3 … and, of course, #9!
  • Congratulations and a great big shout-out to Amber at Averie Lane on the arrival of baby #3.  A totally daring name with family ties that – read his name story here!
  • Some of the most interesting regional come from sports.  For every name with broad, national appeal – like Brady – there are names that appeal mostly in the zip codes where the fans live.  Finally, an explanation for Braxton that doesn’t have anything to do with false contractions!  Via the fabulous Clare’s page
  • I’m completely in favor of twin girls named Gwendolyn and Clarabelle, though I agree that Claribel is the better spelling.
  • Whenever I meet a couple with a nicely-named pet, this possible future conundrum comes to mind.  Would you ever consider recycling the name of a beloved family pet for a child, or is that just too much?
  • Hutch is such a great sound – Cash, Dash, Huck … why not Hutch?  For Real spotted a Hutch William recently.  It’s a good combination, but I like the idea of a formal option.  Hutchinson, maybe?  Or is that too contrived?
  • This story about celebrity baby name drama back in the 1940s made my day – thanks, Nancy!
  • Definitely a little on the silly – and snarky – side, but I’m a sucker for lists of hipster names.  Plus Wren is one my daughter’s name, and Romy is my top girls’ name.  But I’m far too chipper to be a hipster.  Thanks, Danielle!
  • Which is to say that I totally agree with this response at Bustle.
  • Alexavier is interesting … but wow, Roses and Cellar Doors found a bunch of Alexander-Xavier smooshes.  More than I would have ever guessed!
  • I love the idea of initial names.  But would they be tough to pull off?

That’s all for this week!  As always, thank you for reading – and tell us, have you spotted any great names out in the wild lately?

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  1. Thanks for a great week of posts, Abby! Lol, I’m sorry to make you work for it a bit with the Native American names post. I feel very lucky to have had a week here at App Mtn. 😀

  2. Amber from Averie Lane just had baby #5, not #3. And the most interesting story is of her #1 and #2, Lane and Averie. She’s an amazing woman who has been through so much. It’s awesome you are including her and her newest addition in your website.

  3. Shadowcat – great suggestion for the next up and coming hipster name! I’ve seen other commentaries on the FitPregnancy Hipster baby names list, but this is one of the funniest 🙂