First Day of School 2011
First Day of School 2011

Our kids went back to school this week, along with kids everywhere.

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  1. Our class list is really boring. All the boys seem to have very traditional or biblical names (Ezra, Noah, Morgan, Danny). The girls are pretty plain, too, although there’s one name I can’t figure out how to pronounce. No Idas or Mabels in this crop.

  2. I much prefer Miller to Milo. Not that Milo is a bad name at all, it’s just a little cutesy and is way too popular/ trendy for me.

  3. Thanks for mention Nomes e mais nomes Abby, I know it must be hard to follow! 🙂 in portuguese, we pronounce the C in Zuleica just like you prounounce the K… 🙂

    1. I thought that might be the case – thanks, Filipa! But my brain sees the “c” and reads “s” – sort of like Charlotte’s suggestion, even though I know it must be wrong!

  4. Lavender is on our list for girl names, we love it! However just having my son 7 weeks ago I don’t know when we will use it.

  5. Gorgeous picture of your kids, Abby! My own are still too young for school, so no class lists for us yet. I do, however, have quite a few friends who are at around the 4-6 month mark in their pregnancies, so I look forward to hearing a fresh crop of baby names soon!

    Lavender is lovely and makes me think of three literary characters: the Lavender that figures in a few of the later Anne books by Montgomery, the little girl in Dahl’s Matilda, and need I even mention Lavender Brown? It would be pleasant to hear the name more often.

    For some reason I want to pronounce Zuleica like zoo-lee-sah. I can’t say I’m a fan of the spelling.

    Thanks for the summary!

  6. Thanks for featuring the class list roundups Abby! I hope everyone will continue to contribute. We still don’t start until Thursday, so I haven’t even gotten ours yet.

    There’s a local Lavender here and I love her name so. She has a baby brother, whose name I believe is Sweet William.

    How I love that pic of Aly and Clio. It’s so beautifully framed.

  7. I agree, I think London and Avery sound more like sister and brother. Although London is so similar to Landon, that I can picture 2 brothers.

    Zephyr, still in love with it.

  8. Alyssa Milano says her son was named for his grandfathers, Miller and Thomas. I don’t think Milano came into play.

    I still think London and Avery sounds like sister and brother, rather than brother and sister. Or possibly two sisters.

    This week I met a Salvadorian woman named Masiel (mah-cee-EL) who said it was an Italian name meaning of the heavens. Any truth to that?

      1. I heard the -ciel part of her name, and came to that conclusion, but when she spelled it for me, I figured it was as good as saying Beyonce means “better than most” or whatever that wacky definition you found said. But I know that in Italian, the C is usually pronounced like a CH or a K, so I thought maybe the spelling was Italian. Maybe you can give it more thought and make it a BNotD?